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What does the average line cook make an hour in colorado springs?

Asked by jerrytown (119points) June 4th, 2009

moving very shortly, not sure what to ask for. I have a degree and alot of experience

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Try checking this out first.

Hope it helps.

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Line cooks never usually make good money. Usually between 8–12/hour. Degree does not equal more money in the culinary world.

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Denver omelettes.

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A line cook, minimum wage, if you’re lucky. What you want is a chef in a hotel, or resort, with your qualifications.

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Colorado Springs you might be slightly better off than other places due to a better tourist industry and a working food and beverage industry stewartship within the city – but don’t plan on making more than maybe a dollar above minimum wage, and don’t plan on being paid well or at all for prep and breakdown.

You say you’re having a degree and experience – not sure why you’d want to work line, then… shoot for chef de partie, chef tournant, or even sous if you have a culinary degree and two, three, years that should definitely be in the cards.

As for @casheroo, it does to an extent. I usually credit culinary students with the equivalent of 6 months of work experience when determining if and where I am hiring them, and what to pay them. So someone with five years and a CIA or Cordon Bleu cert definitely has better chances than someone with “just” five years of work experience. But that’s mostly for French/Fine American restaurants, I guess.

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@jluster Of course they look more appealing, people with culinary degress it shows that they “completed” something. Even if they have no clue what it takes to work in a kitchen. A degree doesn’t equal money, it equals more opportunity.

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@casheroo maybe at the restaurants youve worked at. Ive never made less than 12 bucks working the line. A culinary degree and 5 years in a 5star 5diamond resort does also equal more money, unless your on drugs working waffle house. I take it you get schooled on the line by some cia grad who got hired for a dollar more an hour than you, or you flunked your home ec class.

@jluster I actually got an offer for a banquet chef position, where i’m from line cooks make about 12–16. Really I was just trying to feel out what line employees out there make to see how much higher I should shoot for.

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@jerrytown No. My husband is a chef. He never went to culinary school, he’s self taught for the past 8 years. Not sure where you’re from, but I’m from Philly and those 5 star restaurants pay shit, and they abuse their power over you. But, you can say you worked at a 5 star restaurant! Here’s your cookie

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@casheroo. Ive worked in NY, east and west coast florida, california, and north carolina. Most of the time that is the way you get treated but it also makes you worth those extra dollars when you move on. Usually you cant get into a 5 star place without a degree. You said 8–12 which is what a self taught cook probably does make. A degree defenitly equals more money from my experience at least. no disrespect.

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@jerrytown My husband can and has made much more than 12/hour, but there is absolutely no places hiring in the area that can afford that. He’s been everywhere. No one wants to pay more than even 500/week for about 65 hours a week. The culinary industry is a hard one, that’s for sure.

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