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Can you please provide the title of the movie? The links don’t work from the fluther app so I can’t watch it or memorize the HTML.

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Wait, I just remembered this awesome invention. It’s called the pen. 

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oh I remember ASIMO but I remember awesome-o from south park better haha
but yeah I think ASIMO is basically just another robot that doesn’t need love or food or any of that stuff

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That was pretty neat, and I think that given time, AI is a possibility among machines. The fact that ASIMO figured out the stool was a type of chair, and yet the table wasn’t is quite impressive. I’d be curious to see where this technology ends up in ten years.

Of course, some would say that cognitive intelligence in machines is impossible, but I dont think they’ve considered all the possibilities. Look what are computers can do now with all the different apps, and they are merely passive tools.

Thanks for providing the link to that video, that was very exciting.

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Cool. But that doesn’t seem like Top Gear, though. What show is

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james may’s big ideas

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O I didn’t know he had his own show. What channel and time is it usually on?
now I can understand why James seems to be such a bore to the other two on TG. teehee.

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Amazing machine… and the videos which show the range of motion are extremely impressive. This thing can run and do a slalom! It’s fascinating that it actually has the quality of a child as well. It’s almost as if it will grow as the technology grows. I think the technology will be rapid in the next few years.
Hopefully they won’t start building our replacements. :)

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btw you can down load this episode here
just scroll down to the comment section

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There are some videos on youtube of Asimo falling down stairs, or effing up at demonstrations. It’s almost sad to see him fail. Good thing he has no feelings!

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shut your mouth. he might be listening.

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