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( hypothetical ) What things will you miss the most when you die?

Asked by Mr_Callahan (806points) June 4th, 2009

” I’m gonna miss you Forest ”.

Forest Gump’s Mother

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Being alive?

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@bob_, Yeah, really. That’s what I was thinking.

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breathing comes to mind. That, and not decomposing.

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I don’t really think we’d miss anything since we would be dead

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Thunder and lightning.
Warm, breezy summer nights.
The warmth of sun.
Cuddling with cute animals.
Dirt roads.

But really, I was just gonna say “being alive”, but people said it already… :P

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@bob_ wins again.

_bob's avatar

/me does a little dance

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They say it’s heaven where you go, so I am not sure I would miss anything. But then again some say you get 72 virgins. That doesn’t sound much like heaven to me. In that case I would miss everything.

Cheese. If they have no cheese in heaven.

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everything @DrasticDreamer said. Plus frogs.

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I will definitely miss key lime pie.
Snogging (and all the fun things that go with that!).
Listening to music.
Monty Python.
Reading Terry Pratchett.
Talking to my family and friends.
Hampstead Heath.
Hot showers…

…and breathing.

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My mind will not be functional so I will miss nothing as missing anything requires conscious thought.

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I said ” hypothetical ” class.

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Simple. My people.

Mr_Callahan's avatar

Verizon people?

Mr_Callahan's avatar

April: Key lime pie is a good reason NOt to die, unless ” you know who ” has some up there.

jonsblond's avatar

I third the key lime pie!

Mr_Callahan's avatar

Well, at least we NOW know our purpose in life and reason for living…..key lime pie. ( what alcoholics refer to as ” a moment of clarity ” )

hungryhungryhortence's avatar

The scurrying to divvy up my jewelry, books, artwork and antiques.

Mr_Callahan's avatar

hungry: sell it all and take a trip around the world. leave them NOTHING.

The_Compassionate_Heretic's avatar

I’m not attached to these things so even hypothetically speaking I will miss nothing although I enjoyed them while I was here.

Mr_Callahan's avatar

TCH- Thank God you are prepared….attachments are no good AFTER you are gone.

The_Compassionate_Heretic's avatar

Nor while we are here.

Kenyan's avatar

4th the key lime pie :)

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic: oh come on now, there’s got to be a few things you treasure? Some people have at least a special, never before opened book or handful of sequins from a Vegas Elvis costume.

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I can tell you that I won’t miss Thanksgiving.

stresses me out every year

Mr_Callahan's avatar

hhh: the dude is unattached, God bless him.

kenmc's avatar

Boobs and beer.

…there’s no beer in heaven. That’s why we drink it here!

DarkScribe's avatar

Nothing. Once you are dead you have no capacity to miss things.

oratio's avatar

@boots Boobs not allowed in heaven?

3or4monsters's avatar

What I will miss: foot rubs, a nap in the grass in spring, and Ben & Jerry’s ice cream

What I won’t miss: being constipated, getting swindled by the government, and bloody noses.

filmfann's avatar

bbq, beer, mud pie,
Of course, those things are probably why i am dead…

Darwin's avatar

Eating good food and reading good books, unless Borges is right, then it would only be the food:

“I have always imagined that Paradise will be a kind of library.”

Jeruba's avatar

Having a body.

mcbealer's avatar

the internet (duh!) :P

DarkScribe's avatar

@Jeruba Having a body.

Hmmm. Whose body did you have in mind?

Jeruba's avatar

Tch tch, @DarkScribe, I suspect you of hanging around with Daloon too much.

Shall I say, then—experiencing the gravitational pull and the sensory stimulation of occupying my own physical being. Feeling my own heart and lungs and brain and hands at work.

_bob's avatar

@Jeruba Uh, hands at work, eh?

/me snickers

augustlan's avatar

These recent comments remind me that I will also miss sex. ;-)

Jeruba's avatar

ha ha, @bob_

Well, won’t you?

DarkScribe's avatar

@Jeruba Feeling my own heart and lungs and

I could go somewhere with this, but I don’t want to get accused of loitering with Daloon again. ;)

Jack79's avatar

My daughter. I won’t miss anything else at all.

YARNLADY's avatar

I’m not going to miss anything when I die, since I will no longer be present. However, my body will be very happy to provide many useful transplants and learning experiences for those who make use of my whole body donation. It will live on long after most.

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I’d miss all the things i never got to do…!

sakura's avatar

I would miss everything…
life is for living and if I can’t do that – then boo hoo :(

MacBean's avatar

The smell of new books.
The smell of old books.
Hugs from my nephew.
Bubble wrap.
Baby ducks.

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Who knows? Maybe after I die they’ll provide simulacra of the things my body liked. I figure “heaven” is individualized.

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Air, food, water, music, movies, sunsets, my family, rainbows, prime rib, laughter, smiles, my pets, reading, road trips, friends, video games, my wife, books, the zoo, sports, television, running/exercising, Fluther, sarcasm, my computer, flying, the Internet, skinny dipping, my job, intimacy, vacations, thunderstorms, and masturbation.

I feel like I’m missing something here but I can’t put my finger(s) on it.

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I’m not going anywhere without my dogs.

cookieman's avatar

@rooeytoo: better warn the dogs

If there’s a pearly gates, an angel better greet me with fresh baked cookies – or I’m turning around.

I would miss cookies.

Blondesjon's avatar

My jonskids. My jonsblond. My jonsdogs.

Simone_De_Beauvoir's avatar

my partner and babies

evelyns_pet_zebra's avatar

probably the looks of surprise and disbelief when my heirs find my expansive sex toy and porn collection. The looks on their faces will be quite priceless. That’s going to be my last laugh on them.

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My family, my husband, my child…if I’m older, I’ll miss my grandchildren, my great-grandchildren.

CMaz's avatar

I will miss the opertunities that life is always offering.

essieness's avatar

Chocolate milk
Carmex or my new obsession, Burt’s Bees lip balm

Judi's avatar

I’m not thinking I will miss anything. That;‘s sort of like asking, “What do you miss most about the womb.” I will have a whole new world open up to me.

kenmc's avatar


Well, not explicitly. Everyone’s wearing robes in heaven. Not much definition.

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@boots – How do you know that? Have you been there?

kenmc's avatar



I’m Jesus.

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You look like a rubber duckie to me.

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@boots You look like a rubber duckie to me.

How do you think that he managed the water trick?

Judi's avatar

@Darwin; no one recognized him the first time either

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@Judi“What do you miss most about the womb.”

My feet were never cold.

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@MacBean I second the smell of old books
My dog
The feeling I get on the first warm day of the year
The smell of my Mom
My mom’s cooking
and of course my mom and all my family
Garlic Bread
Reese’s Cups

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“to never again walk on a summer’s day with a hot wind in your face and a warm hand to hold”

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my cat and dog, coffee, the beach on real nice days, family and friends, music music music, the smell of books, the smell of flowers, the sky when it turns different colours in the evenings, good books, foreign movies.

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My husband, chocolate covered coffee beans, my horses, hugs, and the smell of rain.

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@juwhite1 My husband chocolate covered


juwhite1's avatar

I’ll miss that, too!


Nature——dogs, trees, the smell of fresh air, nice summer days, nice spring days, nice autumn days, nice winter days, beautiful skies, rain, the majestic mountains, the majestic sea and lakes.

Good food and friends.

Having a slim, muscular physique and a healthy body and mind.

The little free or inexpensive things in life——a nice body wash soap, a nice shower, a good night’s sleep.

Great sex and lovemaking.

And of course, my family——the ones I truly love.

mYcHeMiCaLrOmAnCe's avatar

I don’t know. there will be many people I wanna talk to (so many famous ghosts out there! wow. I wanna meet Kurt Cobain. something in the way…. yeah)

so, I guess I won’t actually have the time to think and remember how life used to be. so I won’t miss anything :)

annnnd being a ghost, will be great, if I want to spy on the living xD

I can’t wait :p

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