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If John Lennon was still alive, how do you think the World would have been different?

Asked by minolta (328points) June 5th, 2009

Do you believe he could have changed the world. And also if you do, why do you think he was kiled?

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No I don´t think so. He was a good musician but that´s it. I love his music, but to be honest the world would be the same.
Why he was killed? because its was his time to die.

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Yoko Ono would have a better sex life?

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I highly doubt that John Lennon would have single-handedly been able to change the world. His music was inspirational, but it was not magic.

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If John Lennon were still alive, he would continue to expound on:

Imagine there’s no Heaven
No hell below us
Imagine there’s no countries
And no religion too
Imagine no possessions

Could John Lennon have changed the world? By himself or even with the help of others? Probably not by much.

Why do I think John Lennon was killed? Because he had a very dangerous individual after him looking to end his life. His assassin, Mark David Chapman, was assessed as delusional and possibly psychotic.

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I’m a huge John Lennon fan and although I believe he would have had significant impact in music, I don’t believe he would have had much of an affect on world affairs. He seemed to be settling into a comfortable quiet life with his family and was not out seeking publicity for or discussion of world issues. He was killed because a sicko decided so and had reasonable aim at very close range.

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@DarkScribe. – I used to live near her, and believe me, Ms. Ono is not without company.

Nothing would’ve changed much in the world as a whole, I don’t think. John was killed because his murderer wanted to be as famous as John without doing anything that would take actual talent or work to get there. Sure, he was psychotic, but the man himself even said that he knew by killing John, he would become famous.

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The world would be the same. Kind of ridiculous to even consider otherwise. No one man can change the world, Jesus didn’t!

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A great poet and songwriter; but not a revolutionary.

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He would have gone the way of Paul and Ringo.

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Maybe he would have supported Obama and wrote a song for his campaign.

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I hope the rest of the Beatles go

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the world would be different because we probably wouldn’t love him as much. paul made brought so much attention to himself and john died in his who do most love best? john! but if john had of lived he would have started a religion and founded his country and made an ass of himself. hypothetically speaking. the ones that die young are the ones that are deepest in our hearts (ie. jim morrison, jimi hendrix, john lennon)

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John Lennon would be alive.

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