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Are you insomniac?

Asked by El_Perseguidor (410points) June 5th, 2009

it´s 2:27 a.m and I am not alone here… Any advice?

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I’d love to help you out, but it’s almost 5:50 AM here, and I haven’t been to bed yet. Some suggest Melatonin.

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Take a long walk. Physical tiredness aids in intellectual/emotional tiredness. I have narcolepsy as a side effect of the cancer treatment I have gone through in the past few years and it is the only thing that works. Long walks late at night.

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I have never been a good sleeper and it is getting worse as I get older. I get books on my iPod and listen to them, that sometimes puts me to sleep. Also I just heard someone suggest counting backward from 300 by 3’s, if you can’t sleep because your head is busy, that is good because it requires some concentration and you can’t think of too much else while you are doing it.

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Its about 3:15 AM in Los Angeles and this is not unusual for me. I sleep when my body allows it, usually in short increments through the day, with the occasional long stretch here and there. Fortunately. I’m retired and don’t have an alarm clock to deal with. I enjoy the quiet times and try to make the most of them. See ya…wtf

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I used to not need much sleep, but with a toddler and work and school..I take all the sleep I can get. I love sleep.
If we have another child, I’m sure I’ll be so ecstatic that I won’t need sleep again. But, that’s hormones. Normally, lack of sleep makes me depressed and anxious.

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I have a fine time falling asleep but wake in the middle of the night and am unable to go back to sleep. After months and months of this, I finally decided to try meds. I now take something that helps me to stay asleep.
I have anxiety issues, too and the lack of sleep was exasperating those symptoms to the point of crying jags, etc. during the day.

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Oh, I tried lots of holistic approaches first, too—melatonin, tea, reading, exercise, relaxation, etc.

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Sex works too, but must be lots of it. Not good if your partner needs her sleep. Great for weekends though.

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