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Do you think the Turin shrowd is that of " Jesus " son of Mary and Joseph ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) June 5th, 2009

Or when they test the latest fragments of the cloth will they indeed say its fake ( yet again )

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As was proved many years ago, the Turin Shrowd is a fake.

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No it was proved that the area they cut it from had been replaced .
The area was the worst area to cut from , they have ( or are waiting for ) the new fragments to be allowed tested by the church

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It’s a forest gump imprint

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Is this a test to see how many faith based/religious questions can be asked on Fluther in a period of two weeks? Please, let the faith bashing begin…yet again…this never gets tiresome at all~

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I am not religious , I don’t believe in Christ and all that jazz . I haven’t been here for three weeks,
Hence why i said ” Jesus ” son of Mary and Joseph , NOT SON OF GOD .

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@sandystrachan: I didn’t mean it as a personal attack or a judgment of your beliefs. There have been numerous questions recently regarding topics such as this, that have resulted in endless religious arguments and posturing; it’s getting tiresome to say the least.

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I would say so very tiresome , but my question is far better than all those others and shouldn’t spark any riots lol

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:) good luck!

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I doubt it’s real. And there’s no way to know for sure as we don’t have an unbiased example of Jesus’ DNA to compare it with.

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I don’t believe the shroud is that of Jesus, son of Mary and Joseph. But I think people want to believe in something bigger, and they will see evidence of that bigger thing where they choose to see it, e.g., Virgin Mary in a tortilla, horoscopes that “come true,” JFK assassination conspiracies. It is much more exciting to believe something is special when it is not. Cold truth can be a let down.

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Yes. I mean no. Uh, I mean I don’t care.

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Even if you would prove that it’s not a fake, you can’t prove it’s Jesus’s shroud, as @dynamicduo said. It’s the same with the spear of destiny, the wood from the cross and most of the relics considered holy. The interesting thing is that the relics themselves violate the commandments. It is idolatry. But the christian church is full of paradoxes, saying one thing and doing another.

There is not much science can help faith with. In this case, only prove if it’s fake or not. Not prove or support divinity. The whole thing has little scientific interest.

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Most likely it’s not. And the Christian message is far more important than any relics.

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They wouldn’t be able to date it anyway as today’s calendar is far shorter than what theres was so dates would add up

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