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Is there a Presidential candidate for the nomination of the party you usually vote for that so turns you off, that if that candidate receives the nomination, you would vote for the other party?

Asked by hossman (3286points) December 26th, 2007

Given the apparent alienation of large segments of each party’s usual base for candidates like Clinton, Giuliani, and to a lesser degree, Obama and Romney, if a candidate you dislike won their party’s nomination, would you vote for the other party’s candidate? Please specify which candidate you dislike, and whether their nomination would result in you grudgingly voting for them in the general election, voting for the opposition party, voting for a 3rd party (and if so, who?) or not voting.

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No. Rudy and McCain may be socially liberal, which turns me off, but there not a Democrat who is socially conservative which I am aware of.

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I would vote for the “other” party if that candidate followed my same line of thinking on most of the issues. I do not vote strictly on party, but on the candidate that is running. If Obama does not win the democratic primary, I would consider voting for the other side since I would be against voting for Hillary in the general election.

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given their recent history, there is almost nothing on earth that would make me vote for a republican.

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What samkusnetz said.

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I will not vote for Clinton or Romney; if it winds up being a choice between those two, I’m writing in someone else.

I’d vote for Giuliani as a Republican because he doesn’t have the same cronies and the same power base that’s gotten us into this mess. I’d rather vote for a competent Democrat, but those seem to have a hard time making it to the general election.

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It’s always a matter of the least-worst. I’d like to say my vote is not party-affiliated, but since I’m pretty sure I would spontaneously BURST INTO FLAMES if I voted republican, I guess it is.

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If Hillary were running against Huckabee or Paul, I’d be tempted to vote R.

I really don’t want to listen to that voice for four years.

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I’m always at least a little tempted to vote Republican because I agree with a lot of the on-paper principles of the party—lower taxes, fiscal conservativism, balanced budgets, smaller government, less intervention in business, strong national defense but a largely isolationist foreign policy.

And then I look at the candidates, and what they’ve actually done, and I see higher taxes, irresponsible borrowing, lots of government programs for Republican cronies, handouts and tax credits for the businesses that need it least, and moralistic world policing.

Huckabee’s another on the “will write in someoen else rather than vote for him” list.

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I have always voted Republican but currently not one impresses me. If they have a Democrat that is worth anything I would vote for that person….currently not one comes close. I hope I can vote come November because this crop of hopfuls are all crap

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@kevbo: which voice? because she has many.

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Good point. I guess the posturing voice, the “see I’m a real person who can be funny” voice. I block them out, generally, so I’d be hard pressed to name them all without undergoing some psychic trauma.

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Perhaps that “two for the price of one” Clinton theme should be “thirty for the price of one.”

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No, I would never do that. I don’t know yet who I am supporting, but it’s not gonna be a Republican!!!! I feel like everyone hates Hillary cuz it’s cool to be on the “I hate Hillary” bandwagon. Oh well : ) I’m not trying to spark a debate though, just answering the question.

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If Hillary gets the nomination I won’t vote for her. I’ll be hoping for an indie candidate that I can get behind.

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