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My friend gets this error code while trying to install anti virus whats up ?

Asked by sandystrachan (4397points) June 5th, 2009

Local machine: installation failed
Warning: Windows Firewall activity checking failed.
Error 0×800706d9
Error: Action failed for file avgmfx86.sys: starting service….
Error 0×8007013d
she is using windows vista .
and suspects a virus is at play her laptop has no restore points :S

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Google is your friend

From the bottom post:
I know already what caused this. I disabled windows firewall service, so just enable it -> install -> disable it again

That’s in response to one of the error codes – the first one, pertaining to the firewall. Try that and report back.

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Firewall has not been on ” windows cannot start firewall service ”

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@sandystrachan That’s what he said. Turn it on, install, turn it off.

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” windows cannot start firewall service ” that means she can’t turn it on or off !

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@sandystrachan Has she checked that the services for running the firewall is active and running? It sounds like they are not.

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