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What are you a show-off about?

Asked by Simone_De_Beauvoir (38975points) June 5th, 2009

I’ve asked before about what you’re self-conscious about and now I want you to talk about what and who makes you proud and why and if you’re a show-off about any of these things…I know, I know, many will some they don’t show off and how that’s not relevant but we all do it or at least think about how we’re glad that others notice certain things, even if it’s subtle

I think that in some ways I show off my children because I find them to be so beautiful, in some ways I show off my knowledge and often times, I show off my seduction or my ability to read people and I think I show off my partner’s intelligence

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When younger it was motorcycle racing, or bushcraft. I was proud of both. Now it is my wife and kids, I am proud of them all. My wife has movie star looks and figure, a genius IQ and has done brilliantly in her career. I don’t know how I got so lucky.

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my work. the quality and how quick i finish. I always try and get noticed by management. but not that pushy, LOOK AT ME GUYS!!! I’M DONE 2 HOURS EARLY!!! I let the work speak for itself.

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you’re right, same with me

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My body.

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Children as well for me. Also, I guess I’m a really horrible show-off when it comes to trying to write witty comments. Seriously! You should see how smug I look after posting what I consider is an amusing response or status update :)

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I like to show off my dog, because she is awesome and not many people have actually seen a hairless. She causes quite a stir wherever we go. I love when I catch people with the WTF!? look on their faces.
I like showing off my tattoos, because they are really well done. Most people hate tattoos because they’ve never actually seen a good one. Most people don’t expect “pretty” or “nice” girls to have large tattoos. I like having real tattoos compared to all the tramp stamps I see out there.
I like showing off my kids, because not only are they smart and kind, but because honestly they are just cool :)

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@elijah I like having real tattoos compared to all the tramp stamps I see out there.

Are these tatts or tramp stamps? I took this shot a few months back of a rather heavily tattooed (and attractive) woman with an unusual dress and a penchant for fifties cars and bikes.

Tattooed Lady

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I don’t really show off anything, I like to help use my knowledge to solve problems and my knowledge is oceans deep in a few fields (such as web design) so it could seem like I show off when I give web design answers.

I love showing things to others, certainly not showing off but just showing them what I’ve been up to, especially when my ideas fail or don’t work out. I love showing things that I’m brand new at doing, such as a cool new papercraft I did a few days ago, or the various quilt tops I’ve been making even though my skills are not refined at all.

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On her other side she had some tattooed skulls that matched her dress. She was quite interesting. One of them was half skull, half a very good likeness of her face and hair.

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@DarkScribe I would cosider those real tattoos, but not very good ones. Tramp stamps are above the ass and usually include tribal lines and butterflies. Of course there are many variations.

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@elijah _I would cosider those real tattoos, but not very good ones. _

I agree, many of them were not good, but some were near photographic. She must have graduated in her choice of tattoo artists. I see her every now and then, she must live or work nearby. She is very well spoken, something else that is surprising. She rides a bike – a V-Twin – not surprising.

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I don’t show off. Never had. (am I embellishing?)
When I do what I like, I can tend to show a great deal of pleasure. That might bring attention, or touch on others insecurity. Giving them the impression that I am showing off.
I prefer to keep it real. Can’t be accountable to what others might interpret it as.

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@DarkScribe Yeah it looks like the one on her right arm is nice, also the face (Mona Lisa maybe?) under her bra strap looks like it could be nice.
I’m considering getting a Night Rod, but I’m afraid it may be too big for me so I might just stick with the sportster or possibly a Buell.

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My relationship. Everyone must know that we’re in love :)
Myself ha!, it’s true

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I like to shove how humble I am in people’s faces.

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@elijah The Sportster is a good bike for a girl, unless you do some major frame mods. I don’t like the Buell very much. It isn’t what Harley is really about. If you want a sports bike there are better choices.

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@DarkScribe the only sports bike I’ve ever rode is my brothers Buell, so I know it’s the right fit for me. I haven’t really looked at anything else because I don’t think I really want a sport bike.
Aaaaand we should probably stop derailing this Q haha

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There’s probably one situation when it makes sense to act like a show-off: when you meet a real smart ass show-off who could learn a lesson about the concept of humility.

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@mattbrowne I don’t think I meant ‘show-off’ in an obnoxious way
I meant more in a way that you’re very proud of something
and humility, to me, is over rated

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La-la-lala-la-la! La-la-lala-la-la! La-la-laaa-la-la-la-laaaaaa!

Siiiiiing! Sing a soooooong!
Sing out looooooud!
Sing out stroooooong!
Sing of good things, not bad.
Sing of happy, not sad.

Siiiiiing! Sing a soooooong!
Make it simple
to last your whole life loooong!

Don’t worry that it’s not good enough
for anyone else to hear.
Siiiiiing! (Siiiing!)
Sing a sooooong!

I’m a good singer.

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@mattbrowne I don’t think she meant show off like “hey I’m an asshole and I’m better than you” more like “something you’re proud of and it makes you feel good when others notice” kind of show off.

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My skill at the water balloon games at fairs. I ALWAYS win lots of stuff.

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Sorry, for the misunderstanding. Well, understanding the universe, raising twins with my wife, learning foreign languages and making friends around the world…

Why is humility overrated? To me it’s a key virtue enabling us to end poverty and all wars on our planet as well as to solve the climate and energy crisis.

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People often talk about it as something one must have when either they don’t have it or don’t really know why someone should have it – in so many people’s minds, it’s a fluff concept, something cliche you desire in others but nothing concret…now you provided me with a reason to have it and why it would be benefitial and I can get on board with it, though all those things I am in favor of and I don’t think humility is KEY to understanding that

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@mattbrowne it’s like what you call humility I call understanding my privilege

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I try hard not to show off about my children—who are amazing and wondrous.

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The talents of some of my friends, my longterm friendships I come with good references, when I’m in love, my cooking skills.

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – Well, I could probably write pages about this, but maybe this is what I mean: “sometimes less is more” (which applies to the use of resources and our communication with others)

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sometimes it is
and sometimes it isn’t

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Love showing off my old Mustang 350GT. Looks pretty clapped out, but has a 350 horse 302 in it. Really like racing the rice burners loaded with (so-called) aerodynamic fairing gear.

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