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Will Jobs make an apperance at next weeks #WWDC?

Asked by Knutty (51points) June 5th, 2009 from iPhone

Apple World Wide Developers Conference?

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(what the? are we using Twitter-style hashtags now?)

Are you looking to make a bet? No one knows, except perhaps a select few at Apple. I expect he’ll be back in the office by the end of June, per his statement. And I can understand why WWDC would be a likely place to flaunt that comeback.

But here’s the thing.

Apple gets crushed in the stock market for lots of dumb/illegal reasons (1, 2, 3). One of those that is used a lot is Steve Jobs’ health situation and the concern that no one else at the company can run the ship over there.

Well, they’ve been running just fine these last several months while Jobs was out. And if I were to guess, I’d say that Jobs will not appear at WWDC in person so as to make clear how well the rest of the leadership can do their jobs. I then expect him to re-take the helm later in the month with as little fanfare as he can manage.

I also think that we’ve already seen Jobs attend his last WWDC.

Just my $0.02.

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I agree with @robmandu. The announcement of the new iPhone software and hardware (rumored) as well as other Apple product news is the perfect way to build confidence in Apple post-Jobs.

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@robmandu LOL sorry about the hashtags, I’m a creature of habit. But surely @... Is same principle.
I think you’re right, as far as Apple needing to reinforce it’s presence and stability post-Jobs. But! I don’t think Jobs will be able to turn down the chance of being in the limelight.
It has been said that he will come back for keynote, but can’t imagine there being one at end of June only a few weeks after WWDC.
regardless of all that, and I know Apple are solid and senior management are doing well with or without him – I do still admire Jobs, he is a legend!

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Steve Jobs is a showman of rare talent.

If he does appear, I’ll enjoy it every bit as much as the next guy.

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No, i don’t think #SteveJobs will make an appearance at the #WWDC #2009. Maybe he will be in the audience tho.

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off topic

@Knutty asked, “But surely @... Is same principle.”

Yes, it is in that both Fluther and Twitter have builtin functionality to take advantage of it. When I @ your username, Fluther automagically makes a link of it… much like Twitter does.

But the hashtag thing is actually quite different. Here on Fluther when you ask a question, you get to fill out the third field called “Topics”. That’s where your keywords go. For this discussion, you put in Apple, but you might also have considered adding WWDC and Steve Jobs.

Twitter has no builtin keyword (or topic) metadata ability. So the convention over there is to use hashtags which are themselves then easily searchable. The leading hash identifies it as metainfo… not actual content.

So, in summary, there’s little need to employ hashtags here on Fluther. We use the Topic field for that purpose. HTH.

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