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Where can I get royalty free photos of politicians on the web?

Asked by Warpstone (149points) June 5th, 2009

Any tips on how to go about using photos of political figures without having to pay for them?

My guess is that a politician doesn’t have to sign a model release form for me to use his or her likeness, so how could I find and use it in a publication for the least cost?

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Politicians have no “normal” expectation of privacy, but the copyright on any image belongs to the Photographer or whoever s/he assigns it to. They won’t be free, but they might be royalty free. Do you understand the difference between free and royalty free? They are not the same thing.

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Thanks @DarkScribe. I guess what I’m looking for is indeed free+royalty free. The ultimate poor man’s solution :)

I’m wondering where people get photos for sites like nowpublic and if there may be some sort of shared image bank of free political photography.

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@Warpstone The simplest way to get images of politicians is simply to ask their office. They LOVE giving out images that they approve of instead of the nasty one sneaky photographers get. Get on the phone and write a few letters.

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@DarkScribe hunh. Never even thought of that! Nice. Do you know if it’s possible to get these even if you’re using them from satire? I’m assuming we can’t edit these PR photos (i.e. make a collage or use them in a banner) unless their office explicitly states we can alter their images?

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@Warpstone I wouldn’t mention satire, just that you need something to illustrate and article or story.

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Would this do? (Obama eating doubles in Trinidad). A doubles is a savoury comprising a vegetable curry in a wrap composed of two bara, or flatbreads (hence the name).

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