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Why is it taking so long for houses to be fully wired?

Asked by LostInParadise (29757points) June 5th, 2009

This should not be so difficult to do. Every appliance in the home should be linked to a computer network, perhaps wireless. You should be able to monitor and control every appliance in the house using a computer system including television, washer, phones, and lamps. It should be possible to schedule when things go on and go off. It should be possible to use this system to record television and radio programs and to reroute the output of the telephone through your stereo speakers or record conversations. It should not be that expensive either. Why is this not happening?

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I HOPE it NEVER happens. Wire-LESS is the way to go.

And I hope the day comes that we have wireless power connections.

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It is. There are several companies providing just such accessories and they include very comprehensive alarms systems.

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It’s been done by microsoft.
However, consider what would happen when your home’s server goes down and it takes a couple days for a technician to come out.

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On top of that, you would have to retrofit all those millions of homes built before such a possibility came along.

It’s a nice idea but not for everyone. Besides, it strikes me as strange enough that my car would email me about what it wants, much less that my refrigerator would order more milk on its own or would tell my roommate to keep his hands off my beer.

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Also when you introduce wireless to all your appliances, you risk hackers breaking in and messing with your life. Believe me, hackers would love for homes to be all wireless.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Also when you introduce wireless to all your appliances, you risk hackers breaking in and messing with your life.

No, not when it is dedicated wireless, as most of the sort of equipment is. It is dedicated as far as the receiver/controller which is hard wired into the computer, usually via USB.

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Hackers are good at what they do. No wireless system is hackerproof.

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It isn’t a wireless “system”. It is a dumb, modulated, encoded switch. Nothing like WiFi, more like a car door system. The most they could do would be jam it.

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“Wired” is a thing of the past. Even hospitals use wireless and their system has patient data including financial data.

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If you want to have it now look at the Smarthome X-10 Powerhouse system. Here’s the Op Manual. They call it wireless but that is a misnomer. It uses your regular house wiring.
You can control virtually anything in your home. Here is a useful website for sales and pricing
You’re fridge won’t call you when you’re low on milk but would you really want it to?

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The last thing I want is my fridge to talk to me. Now the frizzer can talk all it wants to me.

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I think the hard part about it is that everyone is so proprietary. Heck, they can’t even manage to get car seat manufacturers and car manufacturers to agree on a safe latching system that works for all car seats. How can they get all appliance manufacturers to agree on the same communication system? No one wants to be locked in to one brand.

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I hope this never becomes the standard, am I the only one?

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@RedPowerLady No. I have no desire for HAL9000 to run my house either.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic Thank goodness. I thought I was going to have to either find an empty spot in the woods or rebel and shoot down all the servers so I can live in peace, lol

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Personally I like indoor plumbing (especially hot water for bathing) so the farthest I would probably go is a tent in the back yard.

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@Darwin Oh don’t get me wrong. I’m a HUGE fan of indoor plumbing, lol. In fact I voted for that as our best technological advancement in the other thread, lol. But I think I might be willing to give it up if the only other option was to live in an automated home. Or perhaps I could be a daring rebel and just live in the woods and build my own regular indoor plumbing.. haha

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because not everyone (hi!) wants their house to be run by computers.

@RedPowerLady you’re not the only one

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