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Are there any black people on fluther?

Asked by LauratheRockStar (182points) June 5th, 2009

Seriously, is there any demographic information on who’s on Fluther anywhere?

I’ve seen a couple of posts by people who self-describe as mixed, but I haven’t stumbled across any black folks yet – of course, I don’t come here often . . . just wondering. A couple of the topics that have to do with race seem a bit stacked with white folks and was just wondering where all the people of color were . . .

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I feel sort of weird pointing that kind of thing out, in terms of providing their names
but I know at least 3 or 4 people of color on here
and I’m relatively new to fluther

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I don’t understand how you can tell that the people in the race threads are white. I have not noticed people starting off “Well, I’m white…”
I know there are black people on here, but like @Simone_De_Beauvoir I don’t feel comfortable naming them.

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Let me be more transparent:

Fluther’s conversations on race seem wearyingly from the perspective of dominant and privileged voices – I wonder if this corresponds to the demographics of who is on Fluther. Is there any way to tell?

I do not doubt that there are people who are black or “of color” on fluther – I guess I just wonder about the percentage. Maybe they just stay out of race conversations cuz it makes their heads hurt too . . . <grins sheepishly>

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a lot of race conversations (from all angles and perspectives) makes my (white) head hurt as well

there are people who are white like myself that understand racial politics and our privelege and there are plenty of people of color who aren’t interested in this conversation because it’s of no concern to them and not because they get annoyed by it – not every conversation about queer people, feminism or transgender people is something I MUST involve myself in

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@LauratheRockStar, no there’s not a percentage of demographics. Why would there be?

People could theoretically guess at race if folks would use something more representative of their appearance besides the default jellies. But really, the whole point is that people can be as anonymous as they want.

If you have a racial discussion topic, I suggest you go ahead and bring it up (carefully worded, of course). Meta-discussion about the possible racial/ethnic/gender distributions and biases of past Fluther threads seems to be a quick dead end.

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Probably more than a few. Ask them to private message you and see if anyone responds.

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Fluther does not ask people who join to state their race or give any other personal information. So I don’t know how there could possibly be any demographics.

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Probably, they seem to get everywhere these days.

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Yes, there are. There are also Asians, red-heads, and many other “types” of people. However, some Flutherites simply want to be known as a person, not a person of a particular group. Hence, this cartoon from the New Yorker.

Unless, like me, you use a portrait as your avatar.

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The lack of required identification about who is black, or Asian, or Hispanic, or gay, or straight, or sometimes even male or female is one of the things I like about Fluther.

I’ve been here over a year, and there are people who are still not sure whether I’m male or female. (There are also people who are paying enough attention to be certain.) That amuses me.

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You may find some short people too.

Fluther seems to work on what people write down. Enjoy your time here.

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@cwilbur i wonder if anyone really gives a

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Hi, I’m a Black person.

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@Facade – If that is you in your avatar, then you are a very attractive person, too.

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@Darwin I know! I had to point out that she was gorgeous one day, too! :)

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I’ve been told I have a black heart. Does that count?

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LauratheRockStar.You sound very white.I dont know about black,but there may be some AFRICAN AMERICANS here,but I doubt it because you can tell this is an all anglo club

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Besides why should that be of importance.Why cant we just be men and women period…

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@Lonestarwildman Why is it okay to call someone “white” but not okay to call someone “black”? That is extremely hypocritical.

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OK I’m going to out myself. I am the lovechild of Nanook of the North and Mrs. Butterworth. Go ahead and stereotype me-I dare you!

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Some popular African Americans: Dave Matthews, Chalize Theron~

(I think the term “African American” is problematic)

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Maybe if they’re called South African Americans?

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i’m offended and i’m not even black.

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@DrasticDreamer I thought that was obvious.I used white to the black question and also used anglo.Also said we should all just be men and women and it shouldnt matter.Are there any Catholics here? Any Jews?That is my point!

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Why does a mixed person not count as a person of color?
And what about other ethnicities besides black?

Now the race and culture conversations on fluther do make my heard hurt as well. And I often find myself alone arguing for topics that I thought were well understood across the board. I find facing the privilege is a huge part of the issue, as you have suggested. But that is typical of society and not fluther itself or it’s members.

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Actually, if you really want to be accurate everyone is a person of color, because there are no transparent people.

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@Darwin Why thank you :)

@Lonestarwildman I believe anonymity is part of the concept here at Fluther, for most. Soooo yea..

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@Lonestarwildman Just jumping into an old conversation for no reason other than to point out that “anglo” isn’t correct either technically, I mean we’re not all english. ;). However, I agree we are all PEOPLE. I like the relative anonymity of fluther, some people are more vocal about certain aspects of their lives, but overall I think people like not knowing you’re white/black/purple/green/gay/straight/asexual/omnisexual/hypersexual/male/female/gender neutral/etc etc etc this list could go on all day. :).

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<———- right here buddy

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If you must know, I am a subtle shade of fuschia and taupe. I am a mixed race person. My Dad was a Graype Juician from the planet Welchian IV, and my Mother was a small piece of 1000 thread count Martha Stewart fashion bed sheet from the WalMart planet in the Bentonville Ark galaxy.

It isn’t race that is important when it comes to our fellow humans, it is attitude and action that speak of a person’s true worth.

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Interrupting Cow says, “MOO”.

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@Lonestarwildman “LauratheRockStar. You sound very white.” <<<I’m sorry, but please enlighten me on how a person can sound a color, thanks.

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Of course! Why not?

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