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What is your opinion of

Asked by drClaw (4452points) June 5th, 2009

My life revolves around search engines and I have some definite opinions on MSN/Live/Bing. So instead of continuously trying to look at from a the everyday users eyes I thought I would enlist fellow flutherites to give me their opinion of Microsoft’s new search engine. If you are unfamiliar with Bing I have explained below. is Microsoft’s new search engine. It is their third attempt to increase their share of users in the Search Engine game.

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I can’t see one reason I would use it. I’m a power Googler and I find everything perfectly using Google, so to heck with M$.

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It’s like owning a Zune instead of an iPod.

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It’s a fine search engine, but google is so ingrained into pop culture (it’s now used as a verb) that Bing has barely any chance. It’s not much different than google, either, so it isn’t revolutionizing anything.

What I have found it to be better at than google is finding new wallpapers. In its image search, you can set it to find certain resolutions and formats, making it easy to get the right sized image.

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If I want to see good photographs I go to – plain white Google is all I need

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Thanks for telling me about it. I gave it a try but I would not use it.

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It’s well known enough for this exact question to have been asked on fluther twice now. This could mean good things.

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I haven’t used it but I strongly believe that their ad agency is full of ADD video gamers.

I have used many. many search engines over the years, including a number of metasearch engines, and Google is the one that seems to give me the most results. Some give more academic results, some give more filtered results, but Google seems to give me the whole wad. I suspect that unless Bing is really different in a better way that it will have a hard time competing.

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tho google is the biggie, an article i read recently made a point: there are many specialized search engines used routinely for specialized searches: music/torrent searches, product price searches, and so on. (ie, amazon, wikipedia, and the like). personally i use google mainly when i’m doing a broad search, but i have specialized engine favicons on my menu bar. there are only two engines besides google that actually get their own bar from me: samfind (because it’s like a mini-bookmark bar but web based, so i can use anywhere) and wolfram alpha because it does indeed excel at what it’s good at. i don’t see that bing offers anything new.

but then i’m kind of a kamakazi user, in anything i get into. i also use chrome browser.

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I checked it out. It doesn’t look like there’s anything special about it.

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I use their search page all of the time now!~

Mindshare already belongs to Google and Bing doesn’t differentiate itself well. Also, “Google” verbs better than “Bing”.

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It brings nothing new to the table, besides the interface, which isnt to appealing I might add. Why use it when Google WILL satisfy your every desire.

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i think its the same thing as google. so is blackle FYI: it saves lots of energy. it doesn’t really matter what site you use(but i recommend

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“Darren Yates, a technology journalist who reviews computer hardware, tested 4 CRT monitors and 23 LCD monitors, and found that the CRT monitors did use more energy displaying a white screen, but less than the calculations made by the blog post that inspired Blackle. The LCD monitors tested showed slightly less power use displaying a white screen in the majority of cases, although most of the larger (24-inch) monitors did use slightly less power displaying a black screen.”

- From Wikipedia

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@Ivan could you put that into…well…terms that a normal person could understand.

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Displaying black screens doesn’t save any energy, unless you happen to be using a CRT monitor or, to a lesser extent, a large LCD monitor.

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I don’t care for it.

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I wasn’t impressed, but I only gave it about 15 minutes of my time. I can’t see where I’m going to jump ship from Google to Bing, but one never knows.

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I just don’t understand why people use other search engines.

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You can find more answers on the similar question I asked two days ago.

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This is definitely interesting. I’m wondering what it will be in the long run, though.

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@Ivan that’s good to know. but, it also makes my eyes relax more because its not overpowering light.

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I’ve been trying out bing today; not very impressed.

Compare bing vs. google

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I am very much liking Its a good search engine and I like the features. Its also a lot more visually appealing compared to Google.

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@phoenyx Lurve for using “verb” as a verb. :-)

Oh, to answer the question, I haven’t used Bing yet. No need nor time at the moment.

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More mediocrity for tragic cubicle dwelling hacks.

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And now Yahoo will be Bing in disguise. You cannot escape the power of Microsoft.

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Don’t like it that much. I get way better results with Google.

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I’m trying to switch into using Bing and Yahoo now, since I realized Google needs a bit of competition in the Search Engine Market. And competition drives improvement. If we keep putting all our eggs on one basket, Google might pull of a Microsoft on us one day. And I don’t like giving big corporations sole power over an entity, the room for abuse grows proportionately to the power they yield on you. Blame the tin foil hat.
But admittedly, there are still some cases where Google really is easier/better to use.
So now, google is last in my list in the firefox search engine bar so I’ll be forced to use the other search engines i’ve installed up there.

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@derekpaperscissors Google search is so good I don’t think it needs improvement! Also don’t think that way. If Google is a great service use it. It already does improve so much everyday. Read their blog.

Also I would never voluntarily give Microsoft buisness. :D

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@TheCreative LOL on your last line :P. Don’t worry, I still use and think Google’s other services: mail, reader, docs, analytics are all pretty great and I’d be hard pressed to give or replace these with other alternatives.

wilbert's avatar is good for now, but as it gets more popular, will become saturated with useless infor and advertisement as did google, it is a matter of time. let us enjoy for now until something else comes along

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I’m not sure what they mean by the first ever decision search engine. I don’t get it.

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For me, it’s google the verb. Like the Carole King song, it’s too late baby, now it’s too late.

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As I look through the comments on using Bing, I see terrific comments on both sides of the fence. It is so true that Google is king and the king left to his path without resistance will most assuredly spell trouble down the road but in my opinion, Bing falls far short of satifying my needs needs for a search engine. Just this morning, I decided to give Bing a try again on a search. I typed into Bing. I got a results page that had this site listed second. I then went to Google and typed the same term and was taken to the website. In this instance, I have to say that Google does a better job.
I am not a Google fan but you do have to admit that they do a darn good job of sorting through the net to get you just where you want to be most of the time.

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I like it. I personally use Diigo+Google, but I’ll use Bing sometimes. I don’t care what search engine I use, as long as I get the info I’m looking for.

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