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How can i counteract the bad luck of a mirror?

Asked by zoardyeck (18points) June 5th, 2009

i hope it’s real that there is no bad luck cause it’s already happen to me when i was 2nd year high school i broke a mirror after the everything became hard for me for about seven years being reject by girls, problem with my father everything is a worst after seven years it’s a miracle after i graduate college i dont find work cuase the work finds me and in an instance i have this wonderful girlfriend but as i this damn shit happens again i broke a mirror again after 2 months my gf left me and i lost my job and now i’m still suffering although i’m making mysel believe that is not true but it’s happening to me again!!! what shall i suppose to do!!! i been doom agian for another 7 years!!! shit happens…. T_T

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Um… ever consider that the mirror isn’t the cause of your “bad luck” and that everyone goes through hard times?

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A piece of broken glass is nothing but a piece of broken glass, regardless of whether it has a mirrored surface or not.

“The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars but in ourselves.” —Shakespeare
[loosely quoted]

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stick your tongue at it and move on

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It wasn’t the mirror. It’s just life.

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[ even loosely quoted topical Shakespeare quotes get lurve from me. ]

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In that case, I am fortune’s fool!

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Medication can help. So can counseling. While you’re at it, I can recommend a self-help book. that will improve your ability to interact with others immensely.

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thank you very much for the motivation i need that T_T i feel even better now… maybe i’m just paranoid about what is happening to me… cause it already happen to me and now it’s happening again…

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Mirrors and bad luck are not related. I’m 100% sure, so count on it. Forget about the mirror. To deal with your challenges I think @IchtheosaurusRex recommendations are great.

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Once more into the breach, dear friends!

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i can’t believe how ignorant these replies are.
dude! you in a serious world of hurt.
there is a solution but it’s complicated, requires serious commitment, and involves the eye of a newt, toad excretions, certain incantations, and other things.
let me know if you’re serious about this.

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they say that breaking porcelain brings luck. shatter your dishes!

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Break your face, then the bad luck will seem like a walk in the park!

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The actual counterspell is to dance naked around an oak tree under a full moon with a toad in one hand and mistletoe in the other.

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There isn’t bad luck. Luck does not exist. So, you would counteract the “bad luck” of a mirror by using logic and observing that there is no bad luck to counteract. Voila! Logic wins again.

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It’s probabaly you…sorry but everything happens for a reason and right now you’re kind of attracting bad luck because you’re believing in it…probably without you knowing it… but you are! It’s not the mirrors, it’s not spilling the salt, it’s not the black cat, etc. etc. That’s the way life works. The best you can do is give thanks that at least you had a girlfriend and a job… YOU CAN MOVE ON!! :)))

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@galileogirl, sorry, that’s close but your’re thinking of under-ladder-walking counter measures.

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thnx for all your support and sharing i will keep that in mind thank you so much…..

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