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Is hookah THAT bad for you? Healthier than a cig?

Asked by musicman997 (105points) June 5th, 2009

I love hookah. I’m Indian so it’s a part of my culture. I own several, and smoke about 2 bowls (45 minutes each) a week. I obviously know the basics, in that smoking anything is bad for you. But is it really that bad? Shisha, tobacco used for hookah, contains no nicotine, no rat poison, or whatever the hell else are in ciggs these days. Should I stop?

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The issue with smoking is that foreign matter in your lungs is not good. No matter what it is. That said, should you stop? I would say no, because it is important to you, and you don’t smoke a terrible lot. And yes, shisha would be better for you than cigarettes, but it’s certainly not something that makes you healthier.

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They cost but they are ok

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No nicotine? I am not sure you are correct there. Do you smoke a special “de-nicotinated” type of tobacco? I am quite sure the tobacco for my hookah has nicotine in it.

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Healthier than a cig? Well, maybe, in the same way that being stabbed is “healthier” than being shot in the head.

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Like @bob_ said, it’s tobacco. You know this, but you just want us to reassure you it’s okay so you don’t have to consider the consequences.

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@oratio There are minimal amounts of nicotine .05 mg i think, however not enough to be addictive given my usage.

And yes im aware smoking is bad for you, doesnt take a genius. Just wanted to compare them to cigs. And thank you dynamicduo appreciate your thought.

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@musicman997 Well, in any case, yes, I would say that it’s better. Much better. Not something I would introduce children to, but compared to cigarettes, yes.

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Hookah is actually more detrimental because of two things. One, you have no filter whatsoever, two (and more importantly), you are supposed to inhale the smoke and take it into your lungs (to get the full effect).... And THAT is what does the damage.

That having been said, it’s not like it’s 100x worse… and if you smoke one way or the other, that’s the risk you’re taking.

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I’m with @westy81585.. it’s the fact that you have to inhale so much, more than anything else, which makes it bad for you. I would cut down, because it’s really hard on your lungs, but as for what youre inhaling, its not as bad as other tobacco products.

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Uhh, maybe I’m confused. Doesn’t the water act as a kind of filter?

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@LC_Beta, yeah, I think the water is supposed to act as a filter..

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The water will not filter the smoke. It simply allows you to make a vacuum.

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But doesn’t a lot of the particulate-type matter end up in the water?

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@westy81585 uhhh actaully it does filter the smoke. Take a look at that water after you’ve been smoking for a while and then tell me it filtered nothing out of the smoke.

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