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What are the spelling errors that annoy you the most?

Asked by skfinkel (13506points) June 5th, 2009

Mine: its and it’s, separate, regardless.

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Too, to.

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You’re, your
Two, to, too
There, their

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when people say tomarrow instead of tomorrow

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More annoying than spelling errors is people pointing out others’ spelling mistakes. Where is that thread on how to get over yourself?

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to morrow and tomorrow

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Brussel sprouts

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I’m not a great speller so I try not to mention other’s mistakes. But if it’s the txt speak, it annoys me and I won’t even read it.

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stationary for letterhead, writing paper

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@hiiiiiiii Tomorrow is spelled “tomorrow”. I sometimes hyphenate it: “to-morrow” and “to-day” aren’t really errors.

The only time when spelling mistakes bother me is when it alters the meaning of the word. Write “dinosaure” and I’ll know what you mean, but misspell a word so that you actually write another word, and it will confuse me for a while.

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@tinyfaery : Better than pointing out individual spelling errors is asking a generic question so that people can see what they are doing themselves. No?

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If you say so.

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I know some people who say and spell “tomorrow” thus: tamara.

Long ago my son wrote “mlik” on a shopping list. Ever since then, I’ve
had trouble not writing “mlik” whenever I need to write about milk (which isn’t often…). I even SAY “mlik” now.

I think spelling is an opportunity for creative leaps of faith. That doesn’t mean I won’t
occasionally make fun of someone here who just doesn’t try.

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@susanc If I start spelling it “mlik” now, I’ll blame you.

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I can’t even pronounce “mlik”

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i don’t mind spelling mistakes
it is
the capitalization and
punctuation mistakes that
annoy me

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Errars, what errars?

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I wouldn’t say this annoys me, but I’m always surprised by how many people write “loose” when they mean “lose”. Some very smart individuals do this frequently.

Now, irregardless annoys me… and it annoys me even more that my spellchecker thinks that’s OK these days!

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