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This is a guy question: when you see "This is a woman question" do you immediately check it out?

Asked by Zen (7738points) June 5th, 2009

Just curious.

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no, but it makes me make sure not to comment

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Of course, Duh.
Let me ask you something. When you see a big red button that says “Do Not Press” what do you do?

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@AstroChuck I wouldn’t press it because it could be really dangerous and what not like this:

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@applesaucemanny BAAAHAHAHAHAHA. i cant stop laughing. That link is hilarious

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@applesaucemanny That was funny.
um.. am I not supposed to be here?

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Of course I check it out. It is sometimes difficult for us men to understand exactly what women might be thinking about and being able to see their responses here is valuable insight into a woman’s mysterious mind. Apart from Fluther, I might not get the chance to do this so I take advantage of it here.

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sneaking a peek.

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If the question is Do you orgasm? , of course!
Any question about a woman’s cycle , oh hell no.

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I’m with filmfann.

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If you’re looking for tail, you gotta follow the tail!

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is this a trick question?
because without even giving it a second thought i clicked this question, though i’m definitely not a guy. haha.

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We always recon the potential target. To put it in blunt military terms, which we also do.

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@soupbone welcome to fluther. Lurve.

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