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When I bite into a scallop the big sea variety, what is the crunchy thing I sometimes hit?

Asked by essieness (7693points) June 5th, 2009

It’s super crunchy and sort of hurts me teeth. It also grosses me out a little…

What is it??

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<—-deathly allergic to scallops

Didn’t know about the crunchy thing. Can’t wait to learn the answer!

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My guess would be sand.

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Maybe part of the shell? or what @oratio said. I second sand.

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I’m thinking sand…I’m wondering if they aren’t getting washed properly.

Is this a common thing or rare? If it is more common…might be the shell.

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It’s sand. Ick.

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Shell or sand. That’s what chef hubby says.

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That muscle is the part that is eaten, specifically because of its size, so the whole scallop is made on it :>)

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Aha. But isn’t there a little gristly end that one spits out?

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It’s usually smack in the middle. While it’s not very big, it’s very hard and crunchy. More so than how I would imagine sand would feel. Someone along the way mentioned pearls. Could it be a very underdeveloped pearl?

These are the type I’m talking about.

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The Pilgrim’s scallop right? I am not sure they make pearls as oysters do, but even if they do, oysters make pearls by coating a piece of sand with nacre.

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I always assumed it was sand. In fact, we used to say they were ‘lightly sanded’.

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