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What is the best position to lay in when experiencing major coughing spells?

Asked by suejester (75points) December 27th, 2007

I have been having coughing spells, and when trying to go to sleep I can’t tell which position would reduce the coughing episodes. Is it better to lay on back, stomach or side?

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You probably need to be vertical if you’re not able to take medicine to help your coughing. Take something that will knock you out and you won’t care what side you’re laying on because you won’t be awake to cough. But, I guess if you have to lay down, lying on your side would probably be best. I think everything is aligned more properly if you are lying on your side.

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I think you need to be elevated, either sitting up or use an ortho pillow that elevates your head above your body. I know trying to rest in a sitting position is every bit as tiring as not resting at all, but it will help drainage and prevent phlegm from choking you. Best seat is, of course, a recliner, but an armchair with something to elevate your feet may do in a pinch. You can also try piling pillows behind your back while in bed.

Hope that helps:)

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I agree w. both answers; when you are lying flat or almost flat, all the mechanisms to encourage the extra-heavy post-nasal drip (which is what is driving you nuts and triggering cough) are in place. The glop just slides down your throat.

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upside down. Breathe hard, cough slow

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