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What is your favorite piece of Star Trek technology?

Asked by The_Compassionate_Heretic (14596points) June 5th, 2009

Transporter, food replicator, holodeck, tricorder, phaser, faster than light travel, etc…

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Transporter room.It would aliviate heavy rush hour traffic!

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Holodeck. Every fantasy made real.

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I just read an awesome fan analysis where he concluded that the teleporters/phasers/replicators/holodeck all use the same basic principles (the phasers set to disintegrate may teleport the target to subspace; teleporting and replicating have been in-show described as being almost the same but replicators are lower resolution, the holodeck is a replicator with force fields), so I would have to conclude and say all of them. If I could only pick out one gadget, it would have to be the holodeck. Not only could I have so much fun with it myself, I would have oodles more fun making up and renting out holoprograms!

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The Starfleet bra. Have you ever noticed the fullness of bosom on all the female crew members?

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I’m with @Lonestarwildman in that I always loved the idea of quick + easy transport but @AstroChuck makes a very very valid point. Those bullet bras of the 60s were my fave.

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Warp speed. It’s the only realistic way that humankind will truly be able to go where no man has gone before.

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@Blondesjon that or go to a lot of Indigo Girl concerts.

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@eponymoushipster . . .I was thinking more along the lines of Janet Reno’s panties.

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It is a tie between the replicator and the holodeck.

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@Blondesjon we could also use wormholes.

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I agree. One of my first “nut & bolts” sci/fi novels was Contact by Carl Sagan.

Don’t let the shitty Jodie Foster movie fool you, it was a very well thought out and written book.

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@Blondesjon that’s boldy going. find new life and new civilizations there, too.

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@Blondesjon I liked the book AND the movie. They could not have filmed it the way the book ended, and I thought it worked. Contact is one of my favorites (plus, I have a huge Jody Foster crush).

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I say the Transporter though the holodeck could be fun.

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Holodeck or flight speeds.

You kinda need both for a long trip in a nearly empty vacuum. :’(

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Several people have already noted my favorites here but I’ll reiterate them anyway – Holodeck, Transporters, Replicators.

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Come on. You’re telling me nobody wants a couple of Phasers?
Coffee too cold? “Zap”.
Remodeling project around the house? “Zaap” Perfect doorway cut with smooth edges.
Jackass driver just cut you off? “Zaaap !”
I want some o dat!

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I would have to say that the replicator technology is my favorite based on sheer convenience. I would also contend that it is the most influential piece of technology on civilization in the Star Trek universe. The replicators initiated not only a technological revolution, but an economical one as well. With the widespread use of replicators came an era of prosperity and a quality of life never seen before on Earth.

Capt. Picard: This is the 24th century. Material needs no longer exist.
Ralph Oppenhouse: Then what’s the challenge?
Capt. Picard: The challenge, Mr. Oppenhouse, is to improve yourself – to enrich yourself. Enjoy it.

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@Vinifera7 Oh, but think what an effect a hood-mounted Phaser would have on downtown traffic. That would give at least me a “Quality of life never seen before on Earth.” ;-)

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ditto warp speed.
Also, Seven of Nine.

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Give me a holodeck. Getting these fantasies out of my head and into my hands would be a priceless commodity.

@Lupin, I agree, setting the phaser on stun would sure help in many social situations.

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@svladcjelli When you get your replicator can you replicate one (or two) of these for me? Gaila Orion

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Wow, imagine what she will look like when she is ripe!

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I get chills just thinking of it.
Before testing, I’d use my modified Tricorder to make sure no unnecessary viruses were attached.

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Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

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The space jumping suits from the new Star Trek movie.

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But not the red one!

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The yellow on, without a doubt.

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Sub-space communications… warp 9.98

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No one likes cloaking devices? Fascinating.

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