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What do you guys think about this song?

Asked by applesaucemanny (1770points) June 5th, 2009

Even if it was just yesterday that I saw you
it seems like an eternity to me and I can’t wait.
For the day I have a chance to say this is true
‘cause when I look at you I get this feeling and it’s great.
When I look in your eyes the light of hope shines bright.
I don’t know if this is right, but I think it just might

I will always sigh
When you say goodbye
because the truth is
it’s you that I miss

I will always sigh
When you say goodbye
because the truth is
it’s you that I miss

It’s just hard to tell you how I’ve felt all of this time
You’ve been gone for way too long and next year things will change
When I’m with you happiness doesn’t cost a dime
I’m stuck in this book and I’m waiting for you to turn the page
I’m playing against the odds and I have a good chance
Should I make the move now? Or should I take another glance?

I can’t feel
is this real?
it’s too bright
give me sight

it’s not clear
to me dear
just tell me
you love me

I will always sigh
when you say goodbye
because the truth is
it’s you that I miss

I’m not even close to knowing the truth to all of this
I just need a sign that tells me this is meant to be
I’m waiting for the day I see a shooting star and wish
all of this waiting is making me become weary
waiting hasn’t supported me to be where I want to
All I really need to know is that answer from you

I will always sigh
when you say goodbye
because the truth is
it’s you that I miss

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Have you copyrighted the lyrics? If not I strongly reccomend you take them off this public forum.

I think they are very good.

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Dog’s right. If they’re yours, protect them.

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<writes furiously in his notepad> Don’t listen to them Dude!!! Leave it up a long as you like!!!

very nice job, man. do you have a hook and a riff that go with this?

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I think whoever you wrote this about is a very lucky person. Seriously very well done.

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Protect it, publish it, post when released…I can’t wait to hear it! Kudos…wtf

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PS: Music is not required…it is beautiful as written. Do protect it…now! See ya…wtf

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How do you like this song? (hums)

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Fortunately, copyright exists as soon as you create something. There is no need to pay for copyright, and as long as you can prove this is yours, then you are safe.

Great song by the way.

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@applesaucemanny. A very nice song from what I’ve read in the lyrics. It would be a pleasure to hear it put to music.

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@evelyns_pet_zebra With all due respect you are misleading our talented musician as implied copyright is very little protection and soon will be done away with all together.

Implied copyright is weak and extremely difficult and expensive to prove in a court of law. A copyright wields great power in the courts and is the best protection to date.

Additionally the “Implied Copyright” you speak of that states your work is yours from the moment of creation- a product of the Berne Convention which will be nullified by Orphan Works which will essentially render any work public domain until officially protected in a database.

So there will no longer be “Implied Copyright”.

Our young gentleman has posted this anonymously on a public forum and thus it would be very easy for anyone to use for the taking. Under the Orphan works his lyrics would be considered orphaned and thus open for use by the public without need to compensate the author.

For anyone who does not think that this kind of theft happens I have had to send out 3 cease and desist letters in the last 6 months to companies using my art on products.

The last company had the gall to tell me to PROVE it was my work and not that of the supposed artist who sold them my art. If I did not have the registration in the Library of Congress (which was the only proof they accepted to remove my art from their products) I would have had to employ at great expense an IP Attorney to present a weak case to prove it was mine.

They only back down when I tell them the work is registered in the Library of Congress and has my exclusive copyright.

Copyrighting can be done on line or via mail. It is not a horrible process and is well worth the protection it offers.

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@applesaucemanny…Pay heed to @Dog‘s recommendation or I suspect by the time you release your song it will be considered a cover of a @Blondesjon song. See ya…wtf

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[sigh] WOW! Intense! Great job!! :))
copyright these lyrics pronto!

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Told you it was good :)

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@applesaucemanny…Are you friends with Tink? Are you also 14 years old? Very impressive lyrics no matter what your age. See ya…wtf

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@applesaucemanny…Excellent work for such a young man. You need not feel pressured to come up with the music to go with your lyrics. Sure there are songwriters out there that do both, but they usually are stronger in one of the aspects. A lot of bands and groups actually have different members that handle the lyrics and music. Most often, lyrics are handled by one person alone (after all, they are often very personal) and the music tends to be a group effort. You might want to work with a talented musician to finish your song. And who knows, we may witness the formation of the next Killers band. Good luck to you. And listen to @Tink1113…she has good taste. See you kids around…wtf

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To be honest, and in no way mean, they seem really base and completely like a vague love song. If a computer wrote a love song this is what would come out…

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