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Which upcoming MMORPG should I consider joining?

Asked by Skysong (25points) June 6th, 2009

I was all hyped up for Champions Online, which looks like an upgraded version of City of Heroes. But then randomly browsing for any new CO updates, I found the trailers for Mortal Online which looks FUCKING AWESOME (sorry for the language). Now I’m afraid to commit to either because I’ve realised how little I know about MMORPGs :P I’ve never played them (apart from a couple of months 5 years ago in Runescape). I want to join an MMORPG that:
– Is new. I want to see good graphics and have a chance to be ahead of the curve.
– Is fantasy-orientated. CO technically counts because you’ve got superpowers, but I’m not interested in EVE or Star Trek Online.
– Has a good chance of being a success. It would SUCK for me to invest in a game that is going to be a flop; MMO’s NEED to have lots of people on it to be a success.
If you know much about MMO’s and are keeping your finger on the video-game pulse, then please share your opinions.
P.S. Obviously I’m a PC user and I am prepared to shell out for a subscription and DVD-ROMs. None of this soft-core free click-and-play MMO stuff :P

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PlaneShift; trust me, just google search for the site URL I forgot it by now and download the alpha (or maybe it’s reached the beta? Gawd, it’s been forever since I launched the game. Don’t worry though, because I’m just more of a racing game. Speaking of which, there is a racing MMO called Superstar Racing @ Both are good games.

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Personally, I found The Kingdom of Loathing ( to be a really good MMO. It’s free, funny, and addictive.

If you’re looking for something more mainstream, I always suggest Team Fortress 2. Not so much a MMO, but still relies heavy on the community and teamwork.

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lol WoW is awesome…

Just kidding.

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I found Megaten quite nice. It plays in a post-apocalyptic setting, and you can catch most of the monsters that crawl about and make them your pets.
Since it is set in the future, you can, if you want, pick guns as your primary weapon, if you dislike the standard melee or magic (which you still can choose as well).
Game is free to play, but certain items, like special clothes, accessories or drinks that raise your experience points income for some time, cost money.

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@Kiev749 WoW IS AWESOME. I absolutely love it. You can do SO much with it, and you have so many choices throughout the game. I’ve been playing for MONTHS and I’m still not bored of it.

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I play WoW, but I’m jumping ship when Star Wars: The Old Republic comes out.

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