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Has something like this ever happened to you?

Asked by applesaucemanny (1770points) June 6th, 2009

okay so I looked at my lurve and it says 182 so the I immediately thought of blink-182 and the I go to the myspace homepage and guess who’s on the ad…blink-182
has something like this ever happened to you when you think of something it comes up like the next second or minute?

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What a douchy troll. Flagged.

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Yes, I read a poem by William Blake and really liked it. Then I was given a book with the poem in it and then I saw a movie with the poem in it in the space of a few days.

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Well, sort of. I had been thinking yesterday that I wish my iPod shuffle played FM radio, as I had been listening to my favorite station in the car and the DJs were having a conversation that I was going to miss when I got out and went into the gym. Anyway, when I got home from the gym I put my clothes in the washer. And forgot to take my iPod out of the pocket of the sweatshirt! So, yeah. Is that like the same thing? No. Maybe not. Except there was an Apple email in my inbox from the iPod store yesterday.

And it’s really weird that you asked this question and made me think of all that! :D

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This is called coincidence. It’s also confirmation bias – how many ads were there that were NOT Blink 182? You can’t answer, because you didn’t count those, because they were not relevant as they did not have a 182 in them. The human brain is poised to find patterns even where there are none. Don’t read too much into it :)

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Lurve to La Chica for use of douchy troll

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actually yeah. I was at work in the recieving area, and they had the local radio station on and on it was Let it rock. I go back to my area and put my ipod in and hit shuffle, and what comes on? Let it Rock, Odd coincidence and good song.

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This happens to me a lot. Most recent example—the other day I was reading a book about insects with my son, and we started talking about how cool green tiger beetles are. We both agreed it would be great if we could catch one for his collection, but we’d never seen one outside of a book.

The next day, we were in the back yard checking on some milkweed we planted, when a green tiger beetle ran right past our feet! We actually caught that little dude (they are so fast).

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I had just found a way to play Super Mario Brothers online (at a website called and I started playing version 1 with the volume turned up. I was listening to NPR at the same time, and they took a music break, and it was an instrumental cover of the version 1, Super Mario Brothers theme.

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If I haven’t seen or heard from someone in a long time, and I just happen to think of them randomly one day for some random reason, I somehow usually end up bumping into them, or hearing from them in some way. It’s very eerie when this happens to me. Of course, it doesn’t happen on command, I can’t just think someone into my life.. it has to be some sort impulsive thought…like, “wow.. that really reminds me of so and so.” and then BAM.. there they are!!

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I get those like all the time. :) Wow I’m glad i’m not the only person that has those…

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