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How to find value of car too old for Kelley Blue Book?

Asked by susanc (16112points) June 6th, 2009

Call for details. Ha ha. How do you figure this stuff out?

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I think they have a website actually….

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I think they have a website actually….

It’s a moot point anyways though. If you’re not dealing with a dealer you shouldn’t expect to pay or get anywhere near the blue book value. And even working with a dealer you can usually get them down well below the value.

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Advertise 500? or best offer. Your market is whoever responds to your ad. If you get somebody with cash it would be a good idea to sell if it comes within your settlement range. Make sure that the price you put into the ad is higher that you are willing to accept. Good luck. There are a lot of used cars out there for sale and not a lot of money. Fortunately yours will be one of the cheaper ones.

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After about 15 years the spread is too great. Some cars become junk while some end up sollector’s items. You need to look for similar vehicles on the market in your area via, newspaper, swap sheet, craigslist, ebay. (not necessarily in that order).

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I apologize to all for the poor grammar and spelling above. I could not edit due to system difficulties. ;-)

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