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How do you know if your RAM is bad?

Asked by CMaz (26268points) June 6th, 2009

My laptop is getting flaky. Graphics are not loading when browsing web sites Video is choppy at times. And, I got the Blue screen, data dump alert. Do not want to think it is my hard drive since it is only 6 months old.

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Vista has a built in utility to check RAM. If you go to Control Panel>System and Maintenance>Administrative Tools>Memory Diagnostics Tool, you’ll be able to use it. It will ask you to restart your computer, and it will test the RAM then. If you don’t get any faults, it’s probably not the RAM. Since you are getting video corruption it’s most likely not the Hard Drive.

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Once a smart-ass, always a smart-ass, right Judi. Hey, were you on AV long ago when Shep was pup?

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I have XP

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I assume you’re not talking about this very site @ChazMaz when you say “graphics aren’t loading” – the pictures not here are because of something on Fluther’s side.

Usually when RAM is bad, it is very obvious. Really weird things start happening, like your clipboard gets corrupted or you paste in different text than you copied, things don’t load or crash mysteriously with no errors, etc. None of the symptoms you list strongly indicate to me that you have bad RAM (especially pictures not loading on websites, this has absolutely nothing to do with your computer, nor is a symptom of bad RAM), but you can do a simple memory test using @eambos‘s suggested methods.

Please describe how exactly the video is choppy, what size you are playing it at, if you are using it in HD mode or not. As well, what type of computer do you have, what OS, what RAM amount, what processor type, etc? All of these are important information we need in order to troubleshoot your computer problem. Most of this info you can find by right clicking My Computer, selecting Properties, and then on the General tab at the bottom you’ll see info like Windows XP version [whatever], copy out all that text and post it here.

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I didn’t know you had XP, because you didn’t specify, so I chose the most recent OS.

To check your RAM on XP, download this MemTest application and run it. Make sure you have any unnecessary programs closed, and you run it for at least 30 minutes, preferably an hour. If there are any errors, this app with tell you.

It could also be a problem with the gpu, or maybe even the cpu. Follow @dynamicduo‘s suggestion and post your system specs here so that we may further help you.

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Ahhhhh, a fluther issue! That explaines some of my problems.

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