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Why does fluther let you add yourself to your fluther and then sarcastically take you to the narcissism wiki?

Asked by mehmetaydin3 (112points) June 6th, 2009

Why did they put that there, if there is no such thing?

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Because it’s funny. That’s it.

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Proof that the Fluthergods have a great sense of humor!

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its a joke and you don’t get it lol

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Because Ben and Andrew have a sense of humor.

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@Daethian I do get it buddy. I guess you’re one of those who like to pick on people and make fun of them.. sorry to see that.. Anyhow, I’m asking just to see what you feel about it. I wonder the type of jokes that make you laugh now. Maybe I should fluther it.

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The first time I did that it gave me a good laugh. You can’t take yourself seriously; laugh at yourself every now and then, you’ll feel better for it.

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It only looks like you can add yourself. You will not find yourself in your own fluther. See ya….wtf

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@mehmetaydin3 Welcome to Fluther.

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Because if you’re silly and narcissistic enough to want to be in your own Fluther, you should be silly enough to laugh about it!
:) Welcome!

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Sometimes clever is fun.

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you’re saying a lot about yourself – not just that you attempted it, but that you’re mad it didn’t work.

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When I do it, it says “I don’t blame you!”

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I’m not sure, But I sure do enjoy thanking myself for my answers ;)
like a pep talk =)

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It’s fluthers way of saying Get Over Yourself!

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It’s funny!
If you don’t find it funny, you need to learn to laugh at yourself and not have a big ego.

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Because it’s hilarious. Have you been here yet and tried clicking on the “baby don’t hurt me, no more” link? Also, have you tried thanking yourself on a thread yet? That’s a good one. I love their humor.

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because everybody is conceited. :)

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The Fluther Masters want you to believe that self-love is important. And they want to test your sense of humor too. Whichever comes first. You can’t have one without the other. Or can you?

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