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What SUV (new) is the best value right now?

Asked by marcosthecuban (429points) June 6th, 2009

Seems to me that this summer might be a good time to buy a new car- the 2010’s are around the corner and the 2009’s on the lots have piled up. but i can’t tell what’s a good deal right now- especially for SUV’s.

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Whatever you decide, be sure to take the cost of gasoline into account.

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Whatever you decide, be sure to take the cost of gasoline into account. There’s a reason that SUVs are piling up on the lots and nobody wants to buy them.

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Companies cant give away SUVs right now.
Do comparative shopping and haggle with sales people and you’ll get a good deal.
Ask for 0% financing.

SUV dealers are desperate. SUV buyers have all the power here.

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Go to and browse the best rated SUV’s by type (4cyl- 6cyl- 8cyl- gas- hybrid- compact- family- huge ass- etc). The site will also give you factory information such as any money being given to dealers for particular models and factory offered financing rates (banks are very stringent right now for anyone with lower than 750 scores). Keep in mind main brand dealers don’t have their own financing so while they can make you a deal on the price of the car, you’re at the mercy of your credit and the banks for loan terms.

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I would look at the Toyota Highlander, its a good balance between being big and having good gas millage. They will hold their value because its a Toyota. I will also say that Toyota is giving some good deals right now on all their cars and trucks. The Highlander also comes as a hybrid even though I think their stupid and a diesel engine would be much better. So good luck.

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Didn’t you learn anything last fall?

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My neighbor is telling the story of a dealer who said name your price for a Cadillac Escalade. The offer was 20,000$. The dealer took it. You can do a months grocery shopping with one of those in one trip. That makes the fuel used cheap. Your Harley will get high millage for you for just transportation.

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There are several hybrid SUVs out now, so I would look into those, if you can afford it. I was driving a Dodge Nitro, and while the gas mileage wasn’t bad, it’s not as good as my new little Toyota Yaris. Why are you specifically looking at an SUV? Do you have kids to haul around? You could also look into some of the bigger crossovers or even something like the Scion xB or the new Nissan Cube. Those have a lot of room, but aren’t so pricey and gas guzzlers. Fuel economy is my main concern. Here is a link to a site that lists the fuel economy and other statistics on just about every vehicle out there. This page is for SUVs.

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I just got an ‘09 Ford Explorer. I wish I would of spent more time looking at other things because I don’t really love it. My brother is a service manager at a chevy dealership and he said not to buy a Trailblazer. I hate Jeep Cherokees, and H2/H3’s are crap, so that’s why I went with the Explorer. I don’t have any major complaints, but I just don’t love it. Good luck on your search.

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Really I think that you have not told us enough. Do you have a great deal of snowfall where you live? Are you planning on pushing snow with it? Do you drive much off of the road? What are you planning on towing with it? If it is a very large load then it would make no sense to buy a small SUV. How much are you concerned with crash worthiness? Will you need positraction or not?

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@walterallenhaxton yes, we do have lots of snow in the winter so 4wd is a must. won’t be a work vehicle, tho. no off road either. do have a few kids and a dog…. no big deal on the rest..

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If you live in the mountains with many dirt roads or areas with heavy snow in the winter I would recommend one of the new hybrid SUVs. Otherwise SUVs and other superheavy cars contribute negatively to the already existing energy crisis.

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@marcosthecuban So I go back to the H3. It is well made and it gets 14 to 16 mpg depending on what you buy. I just don’t know about the others.

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Snow + kids + dog = Subaru :D
All models are AWD, feel like driving a comfortable car and aren’t overly huge and get decent gas mileage for their weight, insurance is reasonable and have a strong re sale.

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