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Would you care to listen to the experimental music I write, and then comment on it here?

Asked by mehmetaydin3 (112points) June 6th, 2009 is the link.. I truly appreciate people who listen to my music and comment.

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Have you looked into an acct. with or gets a lot of traffic and is set up to encourage feedback- is heavily made up of musicians sampling and sharing their music.
I can’t listen from where I am at the moment, sorry

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Personally, I like it. It’s relaxing.

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Very nice, very relaxing. I am not sure about calling it experimental music. When I hear that, I think of John Lennon’s Life with the Lions.

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I listened to “Music for a short film,” “Dream,” and about half of “One.”

I don’t want music to be relaxing. I want it to go somewhere and take me with it. I also don’t much care for the ‘tronic sound or music made from sampling, and I very much prefer music to be played on real (= traditional) instruments. All my life, from young childhood, I’ve been a classical music lover.

For that reason I don’t usually enjoy listening to music of the general sort I hear in those three selections. Also, because of my synesthesia, I see music with those long, sustained chords as broad, flat planes of color with little contour. Imagine translucent paint in muted colors—slate blue, sage green, dusky rose pink—applied to sheets of glass in extremely long and almost smooth, featureless horizontal strokes with a large paint roller instead of brushstrokes rendering line and form in numerous colors. A little indistinct motion is going on behind the glass, not clearly seen. That is how it sounds to me.

Nonetheless, I hear artistry here, structure, imagination, and even humor. Does it make sense for me to say that if I liked music of this sort, I think I would like this?

I see from your MySpace bio that you are a serious musician with impressive credentials—New England Conservatory, Juilliard—and a degree in viola performance. One thing this tells me is that you know what you are doing and that my musical knowledge falls short of what it would take to be a truly appreciative audience for your work, so all I can speak of with assurance is my own taste. Can we hear any of your more classical-sounding music?

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relaxing…I almost slept.

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thank you all for your responses. @Jeruba I can send you some of my viola playing if you would like. I just need to dig my archives and it could take a while. Can you send me your email add. in pvt. so I can send them to you? Cheers and thanks for listening.

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Why don’t you post them on MySpace? I imagine that someone who is attracted to your compositions might be interested to hear a sample of your other side. (Or am I mistakenly assuming that your viola playing is more traditional in nature?)

I see an analogy here to abstract painting, which by its absence of pictorial character makes some people think “anybody” can do it. And sometimes “anybody” does. But that does not mean that all who work in that medium are without classical training or the ability to work in traditional forms. Your work for one type of audience could be a revelation to the other and add dimensions to your profile.

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