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Any other films similar to 'The Fountain' in your knowledge?

Asked by Anatelostaxus (1428points) June 6th, 2009

By the way, if you haven’t seen it… please do watch it. Absorb it.

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OK, I just ordered it form Hope it’s as good as you say!

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@Judi I hope you will be willing to appreciate it. Enjoy. : )

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Why don’t you say something about the kinds of similarities you mean? You could be talking about big themes, production style, general plot line, mood and tone, setting, and numerous other dimensions. I haven’t seen this film, but if you can describe the qualities you’re looking for, some of us might have suggestions.

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@jeruba check the tags

I love this film, it’s one of the few I’ve gone out and purchased. I will be eagerly following this thread – I want to know, too!

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@Jeruba Well, thank you for the suggestion. Yes indeed who hasn’t seen it won’t have a clue. Well, as @LC_Beta said, I’ve inserted enough keywords as I thought would be sufficient to give an idea to those who haven’t seen it. Also to inspire them to watch the film and follow the thread to discover more similarities in case they are pleased.
Who has seen it perhaps might be more able to describe this film than I might be.
I wouldn’t want to risk spoiling it for the new watchers.

Well, let’s see.. it illustrates the sad condition of limitation (due to our very own perceptions) we are in. It’s time well spent for someone who would like a lesson on the meaning of Samsara.
It inspire those who share the same nature of spirit expressed in it’s context.
I shouldn’t go on with the technical details such as genre, mood, theme..let less the plot..
It’s more than a film. It’s a meaning.
It’s also rather difficult to classify it, if not a Conceptual-Philosophical Psychedelic-Sci-fi Fantasy Drama. And accompanied by it marvellous and chilling soundtrack by Clint Mansell, it makes your veins shriek with awe and comprehension.
It’s a must for anyone, at least just to see something ‘new’ to common-film-watching audiences. (no offence in what I’m saying.)

So..let’s se what comes up :)
Again, enjoy..

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Can’t say I know of any other movies, however it seems to follow a plot very similar to the book “only revolutions”. Great book, i’d highly recommend it.

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I was thinking about this, and I think you should check out The Man From Earth. It’s a totally different style of filmmaking, but it’s really an extraordinary movie. Had my friend and I talking for hours after we watched it.

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@adreamofautumn @LC_Beta Well thank you for these suggestion… a book and a film that I didn’t know…even richer than I was expecting cheers… : )
Has any of you ever read the book : Black Elk Speaks.. or .. Lame Deer, Seeker of Dreams… ?
If not, I highly recommend these for scholars of the spiritual/esoteric.

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I just watched The Fountain. So what the heck was that about anyway? I get Death, rebirth… But I’m not quite sure what they’re trying to say? And why call it “The Fountain? Why not “The Tree?”
And what was with those bizarre eyelash extensions on the queen?

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@Judi The Fountain is a reference to the “fountain of (eternal) life”

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I know that, but they used the “tree of Life” instead of the fountain in the whole movie. It was full of metaphors and there was no fountain!

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@Judi Yes.. the whole film was a series of allegories and metaphors understand that. that’s the first step.
Now, are you able to understand metaphors?
( no offence in my question.. just expecting an objective answer )

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Of course, but some take more of a “stretch” and imagination than others. That’s why I asked the question and was wondering what others thought they were trying to say. Metaphors can be interpreted in a lot of ways. (sorry, but your statement was a bit condescending and it was offensive.)

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@Judi The main allegory of the the film’s plot was: Live impassibly.. as I can see it.
How did YOU interpret it?
could you share this, please?

It’s not that obvious that every individual can grasp the sense of metaphors, especially when (so) implicit. The message in the film isn’t very easy to understand fully.. and it’s even less easy to understand what the director wants to say specifically.
There are people who would automatically rely on the attempt to interpret a metaphor for what they think it SHOULD represent, according to the plot’s course and according to what they think the director wants to communicate.
That type of attempt is a logical, rational approach to the understanding of something that can’t necessarily be patterned into a rational ’ schedule ’ .
There also is another factor which implies the understanding of something: knowledge of the thematics dealt with.
That also is not an obvious requirement for all individuals. Not everyone is familiar with the concepts of Samsara ( the vicious cycle of ordinary existence and its breeching ) and reincarnation according to Buddhism or Hinduism. Or with the concept of the underworld for the Mayans, etc..
We all have different ’ mind-tracks ’, perspectives, standard opinions, ways of believing things, which alter / modify / influence our comprehension of a certain context.

Though, when presented with a metaphor we should not ( have to ) use imagination..because that would also alter the meaning we learn from the metaphor and in our perspective it would alter the metaphor itself.
And once our mind handles something, its aspect changes and we see it as our mind finds easiest.
[ Basically, don’t let your mind be forced to handle something ( for too long ). Otherwise it starts giving it a different shape than it originally had.
That also, by the way, is another hidden meaning I got from the film. ]

Thus, also considering the requirements to understand a metaphor at its fullest, one might ask if another is able to understand it.
That is a rather objective question.
Having explained my question and given a reason to it, I honestly don’t find it either ’ a bit condescending ’ or offensive.
So, that was not how I meant it.. don’t worry.

Since the metaphors ARE relative to individual interpretation and knowledge of certain elements contained in this film..why didn’t you express your interpretation first?

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