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What does a Host/Hostess do in a resturant?

Asked by Emelo123 (84points) June 6th, 2009

Im applying for a job and the headline says host/Hostess. What does a Host/Hostess do?

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Basically you greet people coming in from the door, seat them, and hand out menus. At least that’s what I did in all my two days of working as a hostess at a Malaysian restaurant.

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Greet guests, grab menus, seat people in the different stations of the wait staff (so they can keep up and make equitable tips). Help with beverages in some establishments if the wait staff gets behind. Sometimes rings up customer bills after they finish eating (depends on the place).

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Look cute and smile.

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Open the door for incoming/outgoing guests. Smile. Seat guests according to a floorplan and a rotation supplying them with silverware, menus, and booster chairs or highchairs with coloring sheets and crayons if needed. Some establishments have you roll silverware. Most importantly, BE conscientious of what you are doing. Learn your table numbers immediately. Learn how the rotation works and communicate with the servers. If you do this straightaway you should have no problems!! :)
Good luck!!

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I’m one right now (however I do other things too). I work @ Outback. This is how a day usually goes..One hostess will be running board, making sure servers are sat properly so everyone has the same, or about the same amount of people. That person will tell us what table to take the customers to. We get the door for people walking in an out, and we greet them. We let them know the soup and specials of the day when we seat them. Each hostess takes turns (except for the board runner) rolling the silverware in the napkins for an hour. BOOOOORING! When we’re on a wait, someone is at the door with a pen and paper taking names, quoting wait times, and handing out pagers.Each hostess has to roll 12 rows of 6 silverware rolls to leave. If we close we set the tables, bring the outside chairs in, as well as the flags, roll the carpets and clean up the host stand.

Oh yes, we also get hit on numerous times by older men who’ve had one too many drinks, also some, who are sober.

Pretty much super easy.
I still prefer doing takeaway though.

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It depends on the restaurant but your main job is seating people, giving them menus and silverware. Some hostesses roll silverware too, but that’s not everywhere. In my restaurant they also make sure the bathrooms are clean and stocked. It’s pretty easy.

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Its at Redlobster and Uno. Im applying for both

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Hosting is the easiest job, EVER.

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_What does a Host/Hostess do in a resturant? _

Much the same as they do when they are anywhere else – whoever they fancy most.

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