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Will fluther forgive those of us who have posted duplicate responses?

Asked by hungryhungryhortence (12163points) June 6th, 2009

I just now realized after a few hours of being on site that even though an error message says to submit my response again, it will post the first time if I wait a teeny bit.

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I have been going back and editing th first one with a “sorry”

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I don’t really mind it’s just a mistake, and it’s kinda obvious to know what happened and I’m sure all the other flutherites will feel the same way

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I have been using copy and paste. Write, copy, post, and refresh to see if it made it.

I can think of a few people that are going to be having a bad day today.

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It appears that problem was recently corrected

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I looked for some sort of delete feature to clean up

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You are forgiven.

[Edit] Well, it’s being cleaned up with a vengeance now. I tried to post “You are forgiven” eight times as a joke, and each post after the first deleted itself.

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You will NEVER be forgiven. You will be BANNED.~

What kind of jerk wouldn’t forgive multi-posters for a technical glitch that wasn’t their fault? That would be so mean.

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@Jeruba: yay! I had previously seen some remarks made to people griping at them for multiple replies, assuming it had been done intentionally.

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I have been using the same method as @johnpowell and recommend it to the rest too.

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As soon as I realized they were posting I was cautious to only hit “answer” once and believe they would post despite the red warning.

Forgiveness? I hope so!

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I think so.

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“I think so.”

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Just go back and flag it and they will eventually remove the duplicate. They can’t find everyone of them without our help.

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