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Do you belive in Psychic Mediums?

Asked by Skippy (2166points) June 6th, 2009

What is the value of talking with a medium, having your palm read or tarot cards done?
I am not attempting to contact anyone that’s passed.

I have a neighbor that claims to be clarvoiant, and held my hand in a handshake fashion last night, and her palms began to sweat. She mentioned “tri lines” in my palm.
I was a bit leary to pursue it since it was late and I was sooo ready for bed.
Have you had experiences with readings; – palm, cards, or just spiritiual?
How did/does it effect you now?

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I think it is rubbish (and it’s “leery”) but that’s just me.

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To be honest, I think psychic mediums (and, since Americans keep getting fatter, they’re probably psychic larges or extra larges by now) fall into one of two categories, ie., either they know they’re fakes and just try to steal money from the troubled, or they’re mentally ill and think they actually have a power. In either case, don’t waste any money. If your neighbor does it for free, have fun with it.

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What’s the old joke.? Make it up. The punch line is “Never strike a happy medium.”

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No but I do belive in psychic extra larges and psychic petites.

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No. Doing cold readings is a skill you can learn just like plumbing or accounting or burglary. Don’t be taken in by plausible frauds. They know how to get and hold your attention by telling you things you can believe. They don’t really know anything whatsoever about what is going to happen to you. No one does.

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Psychics are largely charlatans preying off people’s insecurities for profit.
People who see psychics regularly would be better off spending their money on a therapist if they need someone to talk through their problems with.

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Yes I do, I just wouldn’t want to go see one….oooh creeepy!

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Palm reads or tarot cards are just a pretense. The real skill of some ‘psychics’ comes from interpreting voice and facial expressions utilizing their brains’ mirror neurons as well as other emphatic mechanisms.

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Unlike @Blondesjon, I do belive in the medium size Psychic. He just has a thing for big or small women.

Anyhow, if someone starts sweating when holding my hand, tri lines or no, I assume they are getting sick, or are crazy, or both.

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my mum took me to one when I was 15. I’m 50 now and I’ve never forgotten it- she could only see until I was about age 43. I had a catastrophic series of events around that age . Everything she told me until she couldn’t see anymore came to pass.

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Yes, but I smoke Camel Lights, myself.

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No, these so called “psychics” manipulate our emotions and through language get us to supply meaning to their words…

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If not for a couple experiences I would not.
We were in Key West. This so-called psychic from England was on a stool. We walked up to her and she began telling me a couple things that were true. Then, she held her hands , palms downward, about 14” above her lap. She told me to put MY hands , palms upward ON her lap. Instantly, as God is my witness, there was Strong electrical static or something (it did not hurt at all just strong tingling) going from her hands to mine to the extent that I said, ”what IS that? then all she said was, “you’re a healer; did you know that?” I said no and in the 15 yrs since it happened I’ve not “performed” any healings. Give me 15 more years; I’ll check back.
Another thing: my grandmother who ran an apartment house in Washington, DC saw ghosts. She never cashed in on this and she was Very Businesslike; even cold. But my father with whom she was very close told me, “she would suddenly tell me what she was seeing and describe to me what they looked like.”
OK: flame me. once again we are back in the realm of if you can’t see it or feel it or prove it it does not exist

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