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It depends on a couple of factors, like : Body Weight and Amount of drinks you have had, etc. But in general its one drink per hour for your body to process alcohol.


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So there are no traces of the drink at all after one hour?

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Not necessarily, you need to drink plenty of water and urinate to eliminate all traces. The one hour rule assumes your only have one 12 oz beer or shot of 80 proof alcohol. This is how long it takes the liver to process the alcohol. Also if you have food in your stomach to absorb the alcohol, does help.

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I’m sorry robhaya, but you are wrong. The only way to remove alcohol from your system is time. Drinking water will keep you hydrated and stave off a hangover, eating food will help slow down the absorption rate, but only time will remove the effects. Your liver, provided that it is healthy, works at a pretty steady rate regardless of any external factors we could try to introduce. Drinking water will make you urinate frequently, but it will not change the rate at which your liver process alcohol.

Only time helps, and yes, the rule of thumb is one hour per standard drink.

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I was not implying that doing the following would eliminate alcohol in the body, I should have been more clear in my response.

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I saw a study that also showed that it takes significantly longer for women to get the alcohol out of their bodies than men—and not just because they were smaller on average. Something about the fact that they were women. Obviously, there will be individual differences, but I agree with ‘soundedfury’ that time is the factor.

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well.. I had at least 20 beers in 2 days maybe more and I was clean in 72 hours. I had a U.A. and passed I gave my self 3 days… But I also only drink every once and while.

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If you have to go and get a U.A. I would at least give your self 72 hours

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it is one hour for one drink,thats what they say

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hey sillyone what kind of testing do you have, etg?

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i drank on a sunday and i had an etg test on thursday afternoon i drank like 15 beers you think im good or what?

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a lot of it depends on the health of your liver.
along with how much you drank and your weight
you should also eat something that will “soak it up”
something heavier, such as meat or bread

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I am having medical issues and my last blood test showed my LFT’s slightly elevated. Now my Dr. wants me to have more blood drawn, how long should I stay away from alcohol before I have it retested

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i have got to have a dvla medical to get my licence back i have been drinking alot how long do i have to stop drinking any experiance on this will one month be any good i am not sure

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Alcohol is metabolized or otherwise leaves the body at a fairly constant rate of .015 BAC (blood alcohol concentration) per hour regardless of height, weight, gender, race, etc. Thus, for example, a person with a very high BAC of .15 (almost twice the legal limit for driving) would have no alcohol remaining in the bloodstream after 10 hours.

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Jude Thaddeus (a non-religious) Program has the highest independently documented and verified success rate in the world.

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I apologize for the last post (re: Jude Thaddeus), which was accidental.

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McDonald gives out free coffee so you’ll get a caffiene addiction if you fall for their scheme. Is it any different from drug dealers?

Drug dealers give out drugs to first timers to get them hooked.

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