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What happens when I edit a question?

Asked by FLUTH3R (24points) June 6th, 2009

When I edit a question does the question with all replies get reposted? or does it just post a new question.

I have a question on my edit list. I’de like to restore this original question after editing to view some of the repliescontinue the discussion. I really don’t see a need to post it as a new question.

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I think that you can edit the question for only a few minutes after you post it. I don’t know the exact interval.

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No no I don’t mean edit a post. With that you are allowed to edit the last post you made on a specific question, and may not edit a question once it has replies. I don’t think time matters.

What I mean is when you have the message on top that says “You have a question that needs editing.” I guess thats where flagged messages go, mine was flagged for typos. Anywhere I go there and it gives me the same form to post a new question, with an “Ask Fluther” button. I’m wondering if I “Ask Fluther” will it simply ask a new question or will it restore the newly edited question with the original replies.

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I’m not certain, but I think it will display the original question as corrected, with the accumulated replies.

I’ve seen it happen where an edited question is enough changed that replies don’t make sense, so if you are changing the substance at all, or anything that was commented on in the replies, please mention it in a note.

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[Mod says]: It restores the question—with all the current answers—to Fluther. It does not post a totally new, clean question. We, the mods, generally look at the old and new version of a Q to make sure the answers that were already posted still make sense.

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You might want to re-edit the word “I’de”.

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I answered a question today that must have been put back to editing, when it came back my answer wasn’t there.

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