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How would you recommend selling large sets of collectibles online?

Asked by Haroot (2118points) June 7th, 2009

So I was going through old boxes and found lots or Magic cards, Heroclix, and baseball cards. All are in decent to good condition, and are have worths ranging from $2 to $40.

There’s a LOT of them. So should I sell them individually? As a large group? Sets?

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*recommend. My apologies.

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Here’s the hard part: find a reputable card dealer to provide direction and sell on consignment. The amount of research you would need to do to determine values, groupings, sets, etc., could be overwhelming. You’ll be better off working with someone knowledgeable and sharing the sales than going it alone. Review dealer references and look for clients similar to you (knowledgte level) and your situation (how you came upon the collection and its size). Talk to them.

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