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Do you "Twit" something or "Tweet" something?

Asked by Master (1358points) June 7th, 2009
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I prefer to twit.

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I tend to tweak, instead.

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Not like a tweaker who does drugs. Some other kind… I don’t know, I’m tired.

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I tweet on the twitter.
Tweet sounds nicer in my humble opinion, twit sounds like an insult almost.

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lol, “tweak”! i thought you DID mean drugs. i was cracking up! well..the proper term is tweet, the more amusing term is twit. and now the hilarious term is “tweak.” ; )

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I twat things. I love twatting on twatter

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Officially, I believe, it’s “tweet.”

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(this is how I learned it)

You tweet on Twitter.
People who Tweet on Twitter are Twits. (not an insult)

To use “Tweet” in the past tense, say “Twittered” as in:
I twittered about that weeks ago!

An update within itself is a “Tweet” (here it is a noun, not a verb)

I know there are tons of variations but that’s just what I do.

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I tweet. she twittered in that she’s hungry. he tweeted that he hates tomatoes. they twitter. you twitter? i was twittering about your mom. you twit!

don’t matter how its said or spelled.. invent your own:)

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