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World Music: Share the artists of your country!

Asked by oratio (8905points) June 7th, 2009

Music and bands from different countries in the world often never reach outside their countries, but they still make great music. I have found some on the net, but it’s a bit of work trying to find and searching through hit lists, and even then you probably miss a lot.

Would you share a list of artists from your country that you think are worth listening to and their best songs? Either in your native language or other.

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These are some Swedish artists. Most swedish artists I listen to sings in english I’m afraid.
Some of these you might have heard.

Moneybrother – Born under a bad sign
Millencolin – Da Strike, Story of my life
The Sounds – Living in America, Hit me
Sahara Hotnights – Alright alright, Visit to vienna
Mando Diao – Motown Blood, Mr.Moon
Teddybears STHLM – Cobrastyle
Thomas Rusiak – Hiphopper
Atomic swing – Stone me into the groove, Smile
Legacy of sound – Happy

(Sure, there is ABBA, Roxette, Robyn and In Flames too but I guess they are no news.)

In swedish (Except Kent, they are a little bit older.)

Kent – Musik non stop, Dom andra, Socker
Magnus Uggla – Johnny the rocker, Kung för en dag, Nitar och läder
Gyllene Tider (Per Gessle from Roxette) – Sommartider hej hej,Flickorna på tv 2
Freestyle – Vill ha dig, Fantasi
Imperiet – Alla vill till himlen, Var är vargen
Ebba Grön – 800 grader
Ratata – Jackie
Uno Svenningsson – Månen är min vän, Efter regn

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Let’s see Australia has contributed, the BG’s, AC/DC, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Deltra Goodrim, Keith Urban, Olivia Newton John, Helen Reddy and I am sure others who are not coming to mind at the moment. I never remember titles of songs, oops.

I see shrubbery is crafting a response, I am sure she will add more from down under.

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Australian Artists:

The Beautiful Girlsindie/rock/folk/alt/acoustic. best songs= La Mar (the Ocean), Black Bird, Freedom, Ashes, I Thought About You, Music, Morning Sun, In Love, Cash Money
Blue King Brownblues/roots/funk/folk/reggae. best songs = Water, Stand Up, Come And Check Your Head, We Won’t Go
Angus and Julia Stonefolk/acoustic. best songs = Wasted, Mango Tree, Paper Aeroplane, Just a Boy, The Beast, Private Lawns, Babylon
Josh Pykeindie/pop. best songs = Middle of the Hill, Lighthouse Song, Lines on Palms, Memories & Dust, Make You Happy
Liorindie/acoustic/alt. best songs = This Old Love, Autumn Flow, Daniel, Sitting With a Stranger
John Butler Triofolk/pop/acoustic/indie/roots/jam. best songs = Zebra, Funky Tonight, Better Than, Life Ain’t What it Seems, Peaches and Cream
Jetrock/alt. best songs = Are You Gonna Be My Girl, Rollover DJ, Look What You’ve Done, Cold Hard Bitch, Shine On, Rip it Up
The Cat Empireindie/rock/jazz/reggae/alt. best songs = Hello, Days Like These, The Chariot, Two Shoes, Sly, The Car Song
Eskimo Joerock/alt/pop. best songs = Black Fingernails Red Wine, Sarah, From the Sea, Life is Better With You, New York, Foreign Land
Ash Grunwaldblues/roots. best songs = Break Out, Keep it Real, Fish out of Water, Dolphin Song
Sarah Blaskoindie/pop. best songs = Don’t U Eva, {Explain}, Hammer, Planet New Year, Flame Trees (cover of a Cold Chisel song)
The Presetselectro/dance/pop. best songs = My People, Talk Like That, This Boy’s in Love, Are You The One?
Architecture in Helsinkiindie/pop/alt. best songs = It’5!, That Beep, Heart it Races
The Living Endrock/punk/pop. best songs = Who’s Gonna Save Us, Nothing Lasts Forever, West End Riot, What’s On Your Radio?, Wake Up
Bliss N Esohip hop. best songs = The Sea is Rising, This is For You, Woodstock 2008, Up Jumped the Boogie, Eye of the Storm
Pnauelectronica/dance/alt. best songs = Wild Strawberries, Baby, Embrace
Gyroscoperock/alt. best songs = Fast Girl, Snakeskin, 1981, Australia, Doctor Doctor
Hilltop Hoodship hop. best songs = The Nosebleed Section, Recapturing the Vibe Restrung, The Hard Road
Augie Marchindie/rock/pop. best songs = One Crowded Hour, Cold Acre, Bottle Baby, Vernoona

…that’ll do for now :)

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@rooeytoo…Red Hot Chili Peppers?! Sorry, they are from Los Angeles. Flea and Kiedis attended Fairfax High School together. See ya…wtf

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Here’s a few Irish musicians-
Lisa Hannigan- Lille
Cathey Davey- Keep Moving
Mundy- Galway Girl
Christy Moore- Ride on

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A few from The Great White North – Canada:

Jann Arden
Michael Bublé
Leonard Cohen
Burton Cummings
Céline Dion (although, any of y’all can have her!)
Esthero (lurve her)
Ferron (lesbian folk singer)
David Foster (composer)
Emily Haines – singer-songwriter (also member of Metric and Broken Social Scene) – yummy!
Sarah Harmer
Corey Hart (hee!)
k-os (talented dude)
Diana Krall
Chantal Kreviazuk
K.D. Lang
Avril Lavigne
Geddy Lee – singer, bassist, keyboardist (Rush) – woot!
Gordon Lightfoot (ah, Gordie – “Edmund Fitzgerald”)
Ashley MacIsaac – violinist (East Coaster!)
Raine Maida – singer for Our Lady Peace, songwriter/producer (my man crush!)
Sarah McLachlan
Joni Mitchell :)
Alanis Morissette
Anne Murray
Nelly Furtado
Peaches (lurve)
Carol Pope (old school new wave)
Serena Ryder
Buffy Sainte-Marie
Ivana Santilli ( I love this chick)
Ron Sexsmith
Jane Siberry
Rufus Wainwright
Neil Young (da’ man)


Arcade Fire
Barenaked Ladies
Broken Social Scene
City and Colour
The Cliks
Cowboy Junkies
I Mother Earth
Loverboy (lead singer be all bloated now)
Our Lady Peace
The Pursuit of Happiness (ah, good band – old school)
Rush (rock Gods!)
Skinny Puppy (woot!)
Sloan (talented boys)
Sum 41 (meh)
The Tea Party (the lead singer could be Jim Morrison’s twin)
Tegan and Sara
Tokyo Police Club
Tragically Hip

(reluctantly, I’ll admit that we gave the world Nickelback)

well, shit, I obviously didn’t read the question (all the way through- heh). I went ahead and listed all of the Canadian artists that I know of. Some good, but, there’s definitely some *cough Celine and Nickelback* cough** that listening to is right there with waterboarding…

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@jmah…No mention of the New Pornographers or Neko Case? They are great! See ya…wtf

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@shrubbery: I absolutely adore The Cat Empire and Architecture in Helsinki.

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@MrMeltedCrayon, I saw Architecture last weekend, they were great! Possibly better than The Presets, who they were lead up for.

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@whatthefluther forgot those. Good musak. I’ll be seeing her at Lollapalooza this summer.

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typo “there are some” – too late to edit

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My country is the USA,but my heritage is from Argentina and I love Rock and Roll that is heavy in blues.
USA:Led Zeppelin (Specially Tea for One)
Pink Floyd;ZZ Top;Iron Butterfly;Uriah Heep;Beatles;Rolling Stones;Eagles;CERTAIN SONGS from Ted Nugyent;Damn Yankees;STYX’s Castle Walls on and on.
From Argentina=Rata Blanca;Los Fabulosos Cadilacs;Enanitos Verdes.
From Chile=La Ley;Los Prisoneros
From Mexico=Mana;Los Caifanes;Jaguares;
Thats just a start,but it is in only in the Rock category,what is your influence?

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@Lonestarwildman Thank you. Nah, this is music shared with each other. Just that you share what you like is great. It’s lovely to see some south american bands there as well. Will check them out

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I’m from Turkey and I would like to share my own music with you: hope you all would give a listen. comments much appreciated too.

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From Germany, the Fatherland:
Die Ärzte: Schrei nach Liebe
Die Toten Hosen: Die zehn Gebote (Opium fürs Volk is the only album I listened to)
Rammstein: Sonne ( honestly, their lyrics are .. weird, to say the least)
Die Prinzen: Alles nur geklaut (they are former choirboys)
Johann Sebastian Bach: Toccata und Fuge d-Moll BWV 565
Ludwig van Beethoven: 5th Synphony

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I’ll be a bit more selective than artist by country. I present artists from the Greater Los Amgeles area. Individual artists were born in Los Angeles and bands formed in Los Angeles by musicians calling Los Angeles home at the time. I’ve tried to cover different eras and genres. This is a very abbreviated list, but if you are a music fan, you’ll likely recognize most of these artists. Note: I started out very selective.and kept getting more selective as I progressed..

Airborne Toxic Event
Herb Albert
Beach Boys
Black Eyed Peas
Black Flag
Brewer & Shipley
Buffalo Springfield
Randy California (Spirit)
Canned Heat
Cannibal & The Headhunters
Captain & Tenille
Captain Beefheart
Captain Beyond
Kim Carnes
Shuan Cassidy
Natalie Cole
Ry Cooder
David Crosby
Cypress Hill
Delanie & Bonnie
Dr. Dre
Nate Dogg
Electric Prunes
5th Dimension
Flaming Stars
Flogging Molly
Flying Burrito Brothers
Grass Roots
Guns N’ Roses
Hamilton, Joev Frank & Reynolds
Albert Hammond Jr (Strokes)
Chris Hillman
Ice Cube
Etta James
Jane’s Addiction
Jo Jo Gunne
Jack Jones
Jan & Dean
Jurassic 5
Gary Lewis (Playboys)
Linkin Park
Little Feat
Low vs Diamond
Maroon 5
Bill Medley (Righteous Brothers)
Missing Persons
Motley Crue
New Order
No Doubt
Quiet Riot
Rage Against the Machine
Red Hot Chili Peppers
Rilo Kiley
Seals & Croft
Shiny Toy Guns
Silversun Pickups
Smile Empty Soul
Social Distortion
Steely Dan
Stone Ponies
Stone Temple Pilots
Strawberry Alarm Clock
30 seconds to mars
Three Dog Night
Van Halen
Velvet Revolver
Wall of Voodoo
Bob Welch
Esther Williams
Frank Zappa name but a few

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Alright, I’ll go with @whatthefluther said and go for artists from my area that people may know of.

Sara Bareilles
Steel Toed Slippers
Strix Vega
Stolen Taxi
Duane Flatmo, the guy that won some tv talent show by playing the banjo with an egg beater.

That’s all I’ve got. Humboldt County doesn’t exactly churn out the artists.

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Like I mentioned above, K-os, not many south of the Can/Am border know about him. Talented dude (old school).

Emily Haines (hotness on a stick) and “Metric”.

-Combat Baby
Monster Hospital

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@Lonestarwildman not rock, but, Gotan Project is a 1/3 Argentinian.

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@dverhey…maybe, but Humboldt County is world famous for churning out something else at massive quantities and high quality. Biggest “industry” in the county by far. See ya…wtf

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Oh yeah. Music takes a backseat…

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The Twilight Showdown- Pinned Against Angles, Shiny Black Metal Case

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@Lonestarwildman you forgot Charly garcia, Fito paez, el Flaco Spinetta, Bersuit Vergarabat!!!

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@whatthefluther – I stand corrected, don’t know how I got the idea they were Australian. I am not a music person, I shouldn’t answer music questions! I hope the rest of them were true blue aussies! I’ll get deported.

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Since I like to think of myself as a citizen of the world, here are some songs from all over that I like:

—The Ting Tings (UK): That’s not my name; Impacilla Carpisung (great to confuse the shit out of ESL students)
—Rammstein (Germany): Adios; Engel
—Calle 13 (Puerto Rico): Atrévete-te-te; Se vale to-to; Electro movimiento
—Daddy Yankee (Puerto Rico): Gasolina; Impacto
—Wisin & Yandel (Puerto Rico): Sexy movimiento; Ahora es
—Alphabeat (Denmark): Boyfriend
—Laura Pausini (Italy): Incancellabile; E ritorno da te
—Eros Ramazzotti (Italy): Più bella cosa
—Alizée (France): Moi Lolita; Décollage

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Fantastic Question.

Native American Music:

1. Pow-Wow Music
– Northern Cree
– Blacklodge
2. Punk Music
– Indigenous
3. Rock
– Red Bone
4. Contemporary
– Ulali
5. Rap
– Litefoot
6. Spoken Word (Excellent!!)
– John Trudell
7. Country/Blues ish
– Jim Boyd

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Pakistani Sufi Music

Abida Parveen
Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

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Some Dutch artists:

- Johan is one band that supposedly doesn’t get the attention it deserves (even in the Netherlands).

- The Netherlands is well known for its quality trance artists, Armin van Buuren is one of them.

- Tiësto‘s another.

- Or Ferry Corsten.

- Acda en De Munnik are two singers who use the Dutch language beautifully (thye chose their words carefully to select words with the right sound). Their texts are also very well-crafted, but you’ll have to know Dutch to understand them. :P

- Bløf‘s texts are a bit too artsy for me, but their music kicks ass :)

- IIRC, Within Temptation is the Dutch band that is most popular abroad. If you don’t know them, they’re worth checking out.

- Voicst is OK too.

- Some others that other Netherlanders like (I personally not that much): Keane, Anouk, Krezip, De Dijk, De Kast, and, well, I can probably dig up some more if you really want me to :)

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@Vincentt…Keane is very popular in Europe, more so than here in America, but they are quite British. The three members are childhood friends from the small town of Battle in East Sussex, England. I think they are great, have been a fan since their debut album “Hopes and Fears” through “Under the Iron Sea” and just love their latest “Perfect Symmetry.” What is most incredible is the band consists of a drummer, a keyboard player and a vocalist that does not play any instruments. That is one busy keyboard player (Tim Rice-Oxley). See ya…wtf

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@whatthefluther – oops, I meant Kane :P (and yeah, I can appreciate Keane now and then).

Oh, and my description of them didn’t quite do right to Acda en De Munnik but they’re really great ;-)

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Ahhh, awesome question. I’m always curious about music from different countries, I have a feeling I’ll be referring back to these lists.

Here are a few Chinese artists that sing in Mandarin. It really depends on what genres you like, though. Most of these are your average pop/r&b/ballad. The charts seem to show that right now China can’t get enough of slow ballads…

王力宏 Wang Leehom – he was born in the US (Rochester, NY to be exact) but is of Taiwanese descent and is extremely popular there. Some of his most loved songs are 心跳 (Heartbeat), 花田错 (Mistake in the Flower Fields), Kiss Goodbye and Forever Love. It’s hard decide which are the best, but my favorite albums are 心中的日月 (shangri-la) 改變自己 (change me) and most renowned, 蓋世英雄 (Heroes of Earth). He adds lots of elements from traditional Chinese music in his songs- one of the reasons why I adore his music :]

林俊傑 JJ Lin – JJ hails from Singapore. Songs I would recommend are are 街道 (The Streets), 主角 (Lead Role) (featuring MACHI), 杀手 (Killa), 无聊 (Nonsense), and Cries In A Distance.

潘瑋柏 Will Pan – leans towards more of a rap-ish sound. The song Be With You is a collaboration he did with American artist Akon.

羅志祥 Show Luo – Love this guy! He’s also an actor, and really funny. To me, the most remarkable tracks are on his most recent album Trendyman and the album Show Your Dance.

These are just a few, if anyone’s interested I can expand the list.

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