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Am i over sensitive when i think that thing making stupid comments under my log in name is being uncompassionate?

Asked by dreamy_dave (37points) June 7th, 2009
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Yes. You are over-sensitive. It is amusing and not anything offensive.

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I think you’re oversensitive for actually caring if random internet folk criticize you baselessly, yes. I do agree that it’s not compassionate, but the world is a not compassionate place, so this doesn’t surprise me.

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I find it really creepy sometimes, actually.

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The ones I see under my name only say nice things about me…. just kidding

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I think it’s funny because it’s random and baseless…
but how do they know my desk is a mess?!

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I don’t think it’s baseless because mine does only say nice things. And some are really creepy, stalker like ones like “it’s been so lonely without you” or “you had us at @” “Won’t you be our neighbor?” and the blunt “We have a crush on you”

Though really i don’t know if it’s just a little gag-thing to keep people coming.

they’re watching you know…them!!

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Yes you are.

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Good Grief.

Here is just one of many times this has been discussed, here

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I bet you get upset when you try adding your self to yuor fluther too.

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well patience is a virture maybe i should of bothered to look a bit longer to get the idea. however i couldnt have done it without you all. i am restored and enjoying your comments

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After you have been here a while, you won’t even notice or read them. I forgot they were even there.

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Right now. mine says “Oh, what a wonderful day!” How could anyone complain about that.

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@bythebay And right now, it IS a beautiful day here, so I’m getting off this computer and enjoying it.

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Mine says “it’s been so lonely without you.”

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Mine currently assures me that I do not, in fact, resemble the Chupacabra. I find that comforting.

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well, mine says that I am their favorite, but hey, EVERYBODY already knew that. it’s not always about you, ya know.

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Oh yes,if that bothers you then you must cry at all the commercials on TV.I am new and I just smiled at some of them and have quit looking at them.Right now mine says “Who wants some mores?“yesterday it said “Had a dream about you” I wish I could respond because I would hve told them that it must have been a nightmare.Dont take life so seriously.

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I wish that I could see the comments right now.

I’m using the iPod touch.

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You’ve only been here one day. I’m surprised this of all things bothers you.

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It’s one of the the things I thought really fun and clever when I joined fluther! They’re the same for everyone and recirculate, I think. heh heh heh

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I’m glowing! Absolutely glowing!

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If that bugs you, then the rest of the content here will drive you away in record time.

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I think you might need medication.

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I just logged on. This question was asked 14 hours ago. This person is so new to Fluther and already insulted? Wow, is that a record, or what?

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It says like 500 nice things and 1 or 2 silly ones like, “you have something in your teeth”. Have you been having a bad day, Dave?

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a new day and perspective, perhaps it was just my inbuilt suspicion to websites i stumble across. you do forget to look around after a while, has all been very amusing. enough back peddling for now, see ya all around

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