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All of us 6.8 billion people on Earth are almost identical genetically - If more people were aware of this, would this replace racism with justice?

Asked by mattbrowne (31600points) June 7th, 2009

A social group of 55 chimpanzees has a far more diverse gene pool than all of us 6.8 billion human beings on this planet. A quite remarkable fact. I’m not sure how many people are aware of this. So can scientific progress help reduce racism?

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You’d think so but politics has a way of reinforcing xenophobia.

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@The_Compassionate_Heretic – Science can’t beat politics?

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We are human beings Matt. Even if we all stopped hating each other for the color of our skin we would still hate each other for our religion, wealth (of lack of), gender, political views, country of origin, etc.

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@mattbrowne Racism and xenophobia is about ignorance. Science is about knowledge. Some people choose to remain ignorant.

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I assume most people in the world with schools, TV and magazines know this but it hasn’t changed the want to form classes, hierarchies and such. Humans are communal creatures, finding security in likeness be that by culture, bloodlines, religion, whatever. Getting humans comfortable to expand the commune it the toughie because modern politics doesn’t like it and starts to scream bs like communism and socialism, neither of which have ever truly existed and probably won’t ever; it’s textbook utopia fodder.

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I wish. I don’t think so – as a society (or maybe a species) we are always comparing and contrasting and trying to find ways to feel “special” or “superior”. Scientists have known for a while that we are not only genetically very similar to each other but the particles that make up our physical bodies are the same particles that make up everything. As long as egos are part of who people are – there will be percieved differences. Knowledge may be available to replace ignorance, it doesn’t mean people will use it.

It’s up to parents to raise their children understanding we are all basically the same and should be treated with the same respect we would or should show ourselves. It will have to be part of the mental evolution of people.

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You want to unite all of humanity? ...... The find us some aliens to hate.

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55 chimpanzees has a far more diverse gene pool
Interesting. Sounds bizarre. Didn’t know that.

I would say that what we call racism has two causes. One is different physiology, another is cultural animosity and historical grievances. I think it’s hard to root out the latter just by informing us that we really are the same physically. People saying that black people are more athletic, and that asian’s are smarter doesn’t really help either.

We have prejudice about people from different part of the country or even the next town. But sure, I agree, there shouldn’t be anyone leaving school who doesn’t know these things about our genome.

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In theory that sounds wonderful, but in practice not so much. @Blondesjon puts it perfectly, no matter what people will find some reason to hate.

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6 billion people and no 2 the same. The answer is no, never

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Oh, the Protestants
Hate the Catholics,
And the Catholics
Hate the protestants;
The Muslims hate the Hindus,
And everybody hates the Jews!
Tom Lehrer.

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Prejudice trumps knowledge every time.

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@bea2345 – So we leave it at that?

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Awareness is not enough. We have to experience our similarities before fear/dislike/mistrust of the other could be diminished.

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@mattbrowne – certainly not. But often laughter is the best way to deal with prejudice.

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That is fascinating information however I think people are more superficial than intellectual and therefore this information wouldn’t affect anyone but those who are already prone to find it interesting. The saying that “we are all the same on the insides” or “we all bleed red” goes to a similar point and has done little to reduce racism or the like.

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@bea2345 – Agreed ;-)

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Regardless of how small our genetic make is, its large enough to create a difference, which is where we get our racism from. Some people are just ignent. Ha

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