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Can I play .ipa files on my computer?

Asked by Rememberme (661points) June 7th, 2009

Instead of playing these files on an iphone or ipod touch, can i play them on a computer?

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Nope. They are compiled code. I tried getting one to work in xCode and Aspen. No luck with either.

And a quick search didn’t reveal any applications that will do it.

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No way Jose.

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What about emulating the ipod if someone is able to do that you should be able to use them on your pc. I know that there wouldn’t be much use to do that. But you never know what someone might do

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VLC will play ipa files. Treats them like mp4.

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VLC doesn’t play *.ipa files!

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Just rename the .ipa file as a .zip file
Open the .zip file with ExtractNow (free)
Search for the folder “Content”
There you´ll find the photos
Their resolution is pretty bad on a PC

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