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Muslims and their seventy-two virgins.

Asked by DarkScribe (15490points) June 7th, 2009

When a Muslim arrives in Paradise and collects his seventy-two virgins, do you think that they will have a use by date?

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Yeah, you definitely don’t want that to curdle.

Aren’t they only virgins for one use?

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I saw a cartoon once with a bewildered looking Muslim arriving in heaven to be met by 72 elderly Catholic Nuns carrying automatic rifles and fierce looks. He was muttering to himself: This isn’t how I imagined it!

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It’s a typo. It’s really a 72 year old virgin.

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I thought it actually was “grapes” not virgins.

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Susan Boyle will be waiting .
What happens with the virgins after they become non- virgins ?

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@sandystrachan What happens with the virgins after they become non- virgins ?

They recycle them I suppose. One flesh coloured Band Aid and they’ll be as good as new.

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Margaret Nydell states that mainstream Muslims regard this belief about 72 virgins in the same way that mainstream Christians regard the belief that after death they will be issued with wings and a harp, and walk on clouds.

In short: they are metaphors.

And I’m sure most doubt that Mohamed Atta will be able to enjoy sex after having been vaporized in one of the World Trade Center towers. I don’t think any virgin would enjoy sexual intercourse with someone smelling of death and murder and burnt kerosene, right?

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@mattbrowne Christians regard the belief that after death they will be issued with wings and a harp,

I knew that wasn’t true!

It isn’t a harp, it is a flute. Heaven is being affected by the recession just like the rest of us, money is tight. Besides, who would want to lug a Harp around, they are damn heavy.

Seriously, there is no mention of a “seventy-two virgin” reward in the Koran, it is a fallacy. Amazing how many Muslims believe it though. I guess that the Muslims also have their version of Benny Hinn and his ilk filling them with BS about religion.

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As far as I know, there is no mention of harps and wings in the Bible, either.
Angels are largely misunderstood creatures. They are not the dead. They are soldiers of God. They have no freedom of choice.

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Look at how many people you catch quoting Shakespeare thinking they a quoting the bible. (and vice versa)

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Shakespeare and the Bible have a lot in common. They are both wordy, difficult to understand, and neither is written in English.

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@filmfann Shakespeare and the Bible have a lot in common.

Do you think that Francis Bacon is faking God – did he write the Bible?

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Of course not! Everyone knows Bacon is not kosher.

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Those might be the two best comments I’ve seen all week.

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I’m not sure, but Jeff Dunham knows!

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I’m 42, have lived in 3 Muslim countries, traveled to half a dozen more from SE Asia to MiddleEast to Africa. As a Muslim I’ve never heard anyone, even those blessed with divine simplicity (and we have our share of em’!), ever take the 72 virgin thing seriously!
We joke about it all the time though
@chelseababyy I love him, he’s a riot!
But you…..!!!
Eu Keeeel me!!

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@Bagardbilla I keeeeeeeeeeeeeel you!

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@Bagardbilla No. Unless you drive a powder blue prius.

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@DarkScribe – You are correct. I was quoting Margaret Nydell from the article I mentioned. We should focus more of our energy on how we 6.8 billion people (soon to be 9 billion people) can secure the future of our living on this planet. For that we need the best scientists and engineers, as well as morals and ethics and social guidance, which can be drawn from many modern interpretations of religion, philosophy and other sources of wisdom.

We should not waste too much of our time of taking metaphors literally and argue about virgins or harps or lost sheep.

Have you ever swallowed your pride in a literal sense?

There are as many superstitious atheists as there are religious people believing in magic.

There are as many well-educated religious people with a deep knowledge of science as there are well-educated atheist people with a deep knowledge of science.

But the whole fuss in the media and online forums seems to be about the fools who fall prey to superstition and middle age magic. Well, media need stories to sell and too many people prefer ghost and witchcraft stories over stories about real dark energy.

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@mattbrowne I would add to your comment that there are also many well-educated atheists with a deep knowledge of (and respectfor) religious beliefs.

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@Yetanotheruser – I totally agree.

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Would there be 72 males virgins available? Of course not as it’s a MAN-made religion as are them all!

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