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Where did dark energy come from?

Asked by AnnieOakley (237points) June 7th, 2009

Did it always exist and scientists just didn’t see it? Is it just that gravity is more complicated than we knew? If it makes up 72% of the universe, shouldn’t there be an easier understanding of it?

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It’s my understanding that it has existed from the very beginning, but only became the dominant force as the universe grew older, see

Where did it come from? Well, the same question can be asked about all phenomena of our universe? Where did all the radiation come from? Where did the Planck time come from? Where did the quantum fluctuations come from? Here you enter the metaphysical and theological realm. There are many different answers, as we all know. It’s your choice.

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It seems that stars and galaxies could not have formed if it existed to any degree in the beginning…it seems to me something should have “caused” it to come into existence.

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@AnnieOakley – The causing part was done earlier, I believe. Galaxies were able to form because matter and gravity were more dominant as everything was very close. Dark energy was already there, but it wasn’t strong enough to have any significant effect.

Take your head for example when you trip. Gravity pulls your head toward the ground. Is the electromagnetic force already there or does it come intro existence when your head hits the ground? Of course it’s already there, but you only feel the repellent force between the electrons of your head and the ground later on. Makes sense?

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To a degree – but if your head hits the ground normally and then one time it doesn’t (gravitational properties changed), would you wonder what caused the change? What made the dark energy stronger? BTW – thanks for your patience.

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Well, if you can answer this question, you’ve got yourself a Nobel Prize. It has, of course, always been there since we (humans) have been in existence, but we didn’t know it was out there until fairly recently.

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I believe it came from the Star Wars Universe…...

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Other related questions are: What is dark matter, and dark energy? What kind of particles would dark matter consist of? Are there Dark Galaxies out there with dark planetary systems?

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It comes from the dark side, them and their damn cookies

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‘What made the dark energy stronger?’

Well, for one things there’s more vacuum between galaxies as the universe grows older. Secondly, even if dark energy doesn’t get stronger there’s the weakening counter-force called gravitation to deal with, which makes the job for the dark energy easier. But as @Ivan pointed out, there’s lot of research still to be done. Go for it. Maybe it’s you who earns the Nobel Prize in 2030.

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Not likely – LOL
I forget there aren’t answers to everything and feel like I’m just missing the point or not figuring it out. I appreciate the helpful answers!

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