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Can anyone come up with a creative acronym?

Asked by olympicgirl (1points) June 7th, 2009

I need to think of an acronym involving Bergen County anti-Genocide committee or words like that. Hopefully the acronym can be a positive, relevant word to the cause. Thank you! My lack of creativity is astounding.

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Bergen County Committee Against Race Extermination

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being “anti- genocide” is awkward sounding. perhaps using the word save, preserve, humanity, philanthropy, charity, right, exist, acceptance, or multi-cultural.

but also, acronyms tend to be ‘cute’ and your mission is not ‘cute’ it’s very serious. you may want to go with a short phrase like:


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Is the fight against genocide directed towards a specific group of people? What are the goals and purpose of your committee?

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Thank you to everyone for your feedback so far. Our goal is to raise awareness about genocides all over the world, starting with but not limited to Darfur, in our local community. We will host conferences, fundraisers, information sessions, etc.

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I really like @AstroChuck‘s idea, but I don’t think genocide always pertains to race. Your goal is an admirable one, @olympicgirl. Welcome to Fluther!

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What about BC Peace Initiative?

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Instead of reinventing the wheel, why not become a chapter of GAP, the Genocide Awareness Project? Affiliation with a larger group will give your project more credibility.

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There are quite a few anti-Genocide groups, including the Genocide Intervention Network, the Genocide Education Project, the Coalition Against Genocide, and others, particularly student-led organizations on university campuses such as STAND and Students Against Genocide (SAG).

You might look at all of these various groups to see which might be the best on to either affiliate with or to emulate.

Do you need to restrict your group to only Bergen County, or do you see it becoming broader over time? If so, then leave Bergen County out of the name.

Are you associated with or aware of the Genocide Memorial at the Bergen County courthouse?

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BCOMM – Bergen County Opposes Mass Murder

“people need to BCOMM aware of the Darfur situation.”
“can you BCOMM part of the solution”

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