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Why are my mice so fat?

Asked by tinyfaery (42590points) June 7th, 2009

I give them Fiesta Mice and Rat food. I give them the serving amount indicated. I do not give them any treats. They have water and a wheel to run in, but they are still soo fat. Not just plump, but fat.

Any ideas on why this may be? What can I do differently?

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Let the cats provide daily exercise units for them. A brief chase through the living room or up and down stairs?

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When i bred mice and rats i only gave them the commercial foods as a snack once a day , the rest of the day was fruit and veg and the odd scrap of chicken .
I would reduce the intake of the Fiesta food and start them with more fruit, veg and even cooked meats like chicken .
Even tho commercial foods are ” best for ” pets they are the worst for pets , full of fattening, addictive things whenever possible for any animal i have had i try my best to not feed commercial pet foods foods .

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@sandystrachan‘s experience mirrors mine with our two boys. When they were on commercial they plumped up fast. Seems commercial food has too much protien and fat.

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Just like in humans – more calories in (eating) vs. calories out (exercising). Make a small change in their daily food ration. 10% is a good place to start. (Do you have a accurate scale?)
And take the TV remote away from them.

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@lupin You are joking, right?

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@tinyfaery Do what i said and in no time atall you will see a difference if not i will personally buy you more mice

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@sandy No thanx. I have these due to one of my partner’s students. Not that I don’t dig them. I’m just not looking for any more.

I will try your diet though.

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@tinyfaery – One hopes that it is actually fat and not pregnancy, especially if you aren’t looking for any more mice.

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Mice are only pregnant for a couple weeks and the female would shy away from the male and nest .
Use old toilet roll tubes as playtoys this is better exercise than a wheel , wheels are soo dangerous .

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No. They are both girls.

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You could still have phantom pregnancies i had them alot when i had more than one female in a cage . For how long have they been noticeably fat ?

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@tinyfaery I was kidding about the TV remote of course. I was suggesting the food is a little more than they needed or they can use a little more exercise but it is hard to encourage that. The food quantity is important and smething you can control. I have a Mettler PC4400 scale which is perfect for measuring mice and their food precisely. 1/100 gram resolution. I bought it for $175 on ebay. You can make changes and see if it makes a difference within days.
I know your mice don’t watch TV. They’re surfing the ‘net all day.

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I’ve had both the mice for over a year. They have been very fat for about 3–6 months.

@Lupin Actually, they are reading Shakespeare.

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Too many words make fat mice .
Did you change anything about there daily routine ?

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@tinyfaery: If they’ve gotten to Henry V part ii, they will have read this and they will be ashamed.

Hostess Quickly:
He hath eaten me out of house and home, he hath
put all my substance into that fat belly of his: but I will have some
of it out again, or I will ride thee a-nights like the mare.

I think I am as like to ride the mare if I have any vantage of
ground to get up.

Or on a lighter note, from The Taming of the Shrew: Act I, scene i:

Strive mightily, but eat and drink as friends.

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I moved in December. Don’t get me wrong, they were chunky before I moved, but they have gotten really fat. They are still up high where the cats cannot get to them.

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long shot is it possible for you to weigh them, measure there body length so i can see how much weight they are over and work out a proper balanced diet based on them ?

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Now I want to see pictures of cute fat mice.

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I want to see pix of fat mice reading Shakespear.

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To truly tell if they are getting a balanced diet, you should test their urine .
I hope they are treating your copy of Shakespeare with the reverence it deserves. To maintain proper cleanliness they should always read it while using a mouse pad.

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Feeding guidelines on bags are almost always skewed to the “too much” side – that way, they get to sell more food. As with people, your choices are more exercise or less food. Is it possible to house them in a larger home? Be careful to reduce food amounts gradually (Lupin’s 10% is a good target) and make sure that you don’t go too far in the other extreme.

(Of course, if your mice are escapees from a research lab, they could contain the fat gene)

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I want to see pix of cute fat mice in costume as Hostess Quickly and Falstaff!

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Unfortunately, the mice are not cute fat, they are sad fat. It makes me feel like a horrible pet owner when I see them.

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