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How did you find out about fluther?

Asked by alive (2943points) June 7th, 2009

How did you stumble upon this lovely website?

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I was brought here by the great demon Stumble!
And all i can say is thanks heck i found it .

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I googled a question and it took me here

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iPhone apps page – it had very high reviews and was free.

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I also googled a question and it took me there.. been hooked ever since.

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I was going through a shitty break-up and needed some advice. I can’t remember what question I had at the time, but, I googled for info, and a question similar to mine came up on Fluther. I got sucked in rather quickly, and that’s how she all began..

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Apple apps page. It was featured for a short time.

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Another website I was on shut down, leading some of its members here, including me.

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Another website I was on banned a bunch of people temporarily and unfairly (IMHO). Several of the “A.V. 16,” as they proudly called themselves, advocated Fluther as an alternative. I was boycotting the original site in sympathy and because I was told by the reason for the banning that I should have been, too, but that she didn’t put me on the list because she felt sorry for me. Thus I came to Fluther to chat with my friends and to check out the site. I discovered that I like a moderated site much better than one with sporadic and uneven moderation, I stayed.

Besides, Bendrew has a sense of humor. The “pseudo-mods” at the other site did not.

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I was on and a friend from there told me about fluther

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A question on another site (AV) asked if anyone had checked out Fluther yet. This question was asked by the lovely marissa. This was a little over a year ago and pre-AV troubles. I wandered over to check out the site and was roped in by the younger feeling, faster (and more stylish) interface, real time answers and the most lovely chat room (where they made me feel super welcome). Then, before I knew it, I was chat mod, then site mod and then community manager. So basically, they won’t let me leave and I am perfectly okay with that :).

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Heard about it on Cnet Webware!

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I was staking one of my friends. It interesting soo I made one. Hopefully my friend can stalk me now. :)

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I was browsing shirts on and found the Fluther shirt and I just had to see what the site was all about.

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Like @Darwin I was over at another site. When the gang came here, I found a new home to enjoy. I find that my Fluter is full of AV’ers and I’ve also made some great new friends.
Having a Mod around DOES make a difference

Also try the campfire. They made me fell welcome the first time I jumped in!

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There was an article in the NY Times a few years back that mentioned Fluther. I can’t even recall what the article was about.

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A two inch gnome riding a flaming pie told me about it.

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because Assville was such a hole, with all that stupid bickering and drama. And a few real dirtbags made it miserable for everyone else. I agree, a moderated site keeps things on an even keel.

Nobody lurved me in the chat room, so I stay out of it.

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A friend raved about it so I joined up out of curiosity.

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I found the sensational Fluther through a dilapidated and unexciting website that I used to visit called Askville.

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A user on another site I frequented posted a link to fluther and asked if anyone had ever heard of it, browsed it or belonged to it. I came, I lurked, I joined.

Yay for Mods and bendrew who destest trolls!

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I googled a question and somehow ended up here :)

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I was rooting through a garbage can on 148th street one day (don’t ask) and I came across this computer printout that had been marked up with all these comments and curses and whatnot. Fluther was mentioned prominently on this paper, which was ripped in half lengthwise. The half I saw looked fascinating, so I went to the local library, which usually lets me use the computer for fifteen minutes before they throw me out. I don’t know what problem they have with the way I smell. I take a shower once a month whether I need it or not. Down at the Y, ya know.

I’m still trying to figure out what the thread was about. The strangest words were something like “Crustaceans are flameb…...” Anyway, I’ve been stuck here ever since. I have about five identities (one for each of me) and sometimes we get into the worst arguments.

mattbrowne's avatar was about to shut down.

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iPhone app browsing

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it was a horribly late night of making a half-assed attempt at finishing a chemistry lab, and i resorted to google after yahooanswers failed to give me answers (no surprise there). google referred me to fluther, where i don’t think i found exactly what i was looking for, but i did get side tracked by some completely irrelevant (to chemistry, anyway) question about…i think it was that whole twilight book obsession nonsense (i was already aggravated by homework, and i’m pretty sure i took some anger out by bitching about twilight). i wandered around here for hours, finished my lab by the time i should’ve been waking up for school, and we’ve been happy together ever since. (;

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