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Approximately how long a running time does a 100 MB video have?

Asked by Blondesjon (33927points) June 7th, 2009

I’m going to upload a video blog and the maximum file size is 100 MB. I want to make the most use of the space available but have no clue how you go about calculating this.

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It will depend on the video mode. FLV (as in youtube) would give you quite a long time, if it was MPEG4, only a minute or two. I imagine you will want Flash (FLV) What are you using to create the video?

Download a few youtube videos and compare size against quality. A song clip for example can be anywhere between five or six meg and twenty, depending on screen size, frame rate and quality.

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In .avi, 100 mb would be a little more than 10 minutes.

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I’m just using the built in camera on my laptop. I would have to check on what type of file that is. I’m planning on winging this and just need to know how much space I need to fill.

The quality is shit, I’m certain the content won’t be.

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@Blondesjon You will need to get yourself a video conversion program. there are a lot floating about, some are pretty versatile, they will convert from any mode and screen size to any other mode and screen size, They are used for youtube as well as converting DVDs to phones and PIMs and converting youtube to MP4 for phones etc.

FLV (Flash) definitely gives the longest play and most browsers handle it.

If you have the Adobe CS4 suite, that will handle it.

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Take a 5 minute video with your webcam, and see the space it takes. Then convert it a different video format Nevermind. What @DarkScribe said.

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These formats, .mov, .mpg, .avi, .3gp and .wmv, are the accepted formats.

edit:so what @pnl said, about ten minutes. Thank you guys.

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Here is a mp4 file from a party I was at the other night. 27.1 megs and 2:27 minutes long. But really, it is going to depend on how you compress it.

edit :: warning… It is a loud vid.

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@johnpowell . . .Is there any way to tweak the slight audio lag I get from using the laptop’s camera or is it a matter of getting better equipment?

i can’t get your link to run

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@Blondesjon : Quicktime Pro will allow you to adjust the audio offset. But it isn’t free. Are you on a Mac or PC? I’m sure there is tons of other things that will do it too. But I hate recommending software I haven’t used.

And the video needs to fully load before it starts playing. I haven’t set up streaming on the server yet.

I’m going to convert it to a flv and see how that works out.

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depends on the format, resolition, bitrate, audio compression

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@johnpowell . . .PC and I had a pretty good feeling that quality=money.

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@Blondesjon Check out Daniusoft for conversion software.. You can download a free trial and the suite does pretty well anything you need with free lifetime upgrades for about $30–40.

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flv actually resulted in a larger file then mp4. Not by much, but about 5 percent.

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@PnL The size of an AVI video also depends on resolution, among other things.

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