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Do you Fluther to help combat feelings of lonliness, or boredom?

Asked by loser (14987points) June 7th, 2009
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Neither. It’s fun as well as enlightening to hear others thoughts and opinions. Simple as that.

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Boredom. I aint got shit to do today

hits F5 a couple more times hoping something will happen on here :P

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It’s hard to be lonely when I have Blondesjon by my side, but boredom is definitely one of the reasons. Also, what @FutureMemory said.

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I just do it for the lurve.

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A bunch of us are usually on AIM or in the chatroom.

And yeah, I have tons of spare time and I’m usually bored.

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Boredom. So bored, I’m getting ready to take my dog to the dog park where I’m sure to get pissed because some idiot dog owner hasn’t taught their dog not to bite other dogs.

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I am never lonely or bored. If anything, I am pestered (not by sccrowell) and at times overwhelmed with things to do. Fluther provides much needed relief…it is nearly always interesting and, more often than not, a lot of fun…wtf

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Lately, it’s been a distraction from the things that I should be doing. Usually, for entertainment..

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Removed by Me.

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I come here to learn, to teach, and to share and to of course laugh. I have plenty to keep me from getting bored, so I guess it must be a Fluther Addiction. I need my lurve injections.

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i do it because i keep the same kind of company alot, so when i get bored i come here to talk to strange people that i don’t even know. interesting talks though!

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I Fluther because I enjoy the hell out of it and I love the great company of all the sensational Jellies here.

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I’m pretty much never lonely… 3 kids and a husband will do that for you. I do get bored sometimes, or maybe it’s just laziness and procrastination! Whatever the reason, Fluther does a body/mind good. :)

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i do it because no one on here knows that i’m secretly working for the CIA, and recording every comment made.

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@SarahPalin my huge banana? of course you do, gilf-in-chief

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Entertainment and a fun way to interact with friends I no longer live near. shh… it’s not a social site, I know

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Entertainment, and because now I’ve made some cool friends here.

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Mind exercise.

I know, I know. You don’t have to tell my mind is in pretty poor shape if I come here to exercise it.

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