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Is it obvious that I have a problem with colors?

Asked by Magnus (2871points) June 7th, 2009

I design web sometimes.

My sites are usually 100% grayscale, because I suck with colors.

Web-sites by me:

Should I try harder, or is it ok?
Do I come off as being unprofessional when my sites lack color?

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Are you color blind? I am. I don’t care much about the colors I choose.

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Grey scale is cool and alllll…. but try adding like, a bright blue or red to make it pop a little.

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If your colour blind just pick the colours you want and to fuck with everyone else . I argue blind i am correct with my colours even if i am wrong .

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The first one looks unfinished. The white background with the gray isn’t quite cutting it. I don’t care for the second one at all. The last one, I love (lurve the gray), but, try adding a bit of color.

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I love grayscale, and lots of “white space” even if it’s gray space. I would question your ability to see contrast; sites are great as they are but could use more tonal contrast. You could play around with making the grays duotones or tritones. That’s always fun.

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Very interesting answers. Thank you all!

Hey, btw can you guys tell me what browser you’re viewing my sites with?

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That can just be your style, nothing more. I think it’s a very cool and striking effect.

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like pandoraboxx said you are lacking contrast.

try harder, and try color.

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iTnes has taken grayscale to a whole new level. You’re in good company.

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Your design style has an interesting urban energy to it. Very postmodern.

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I am viewing them with Safari 4 beta. And they look fine.
I like the minimalist effect, but a bit of color would be good. Maybe throw in a tiny bit of red or orange with the grey.

Also, funny how your avatar is a color wheel…

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I’m using Safari 3.2.2, and I also looked at them on Firefox 3.0.10. I’m on a relatively new MacBook.

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I like them because most of the pictures are colourful and stand out. I’m using google chrome.

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Why don’t you use Adobe Kuler?

Or buy a book like this? It has loads of good colour combinations with both CMYK and RGB references and they are catagorised. I use it and it works ok for me if I’m struggling.

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