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Why do you dislike either Apple or Microsoft?

Asked by Elumas (3170points) June 7th, 2009

Lately I’ve seen a lot of hate between the two factions of computer users (yes Linux, I know, I know), why do you dislike the opposing OS?

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Its something M$ does subliminally they drum it into you to hate Apple , maybe Apple do the same .

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If you choose one of two things you will probably like one more than the other. Hate is for people with no hobbies.

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I mean what aspects about the opposing OS do you dislike.

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I own both a PC and a mac.. And I love them both.

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Windows: the registry, dll hell, it’s difficult to customize, permissions system, search is awful (I currently have windows XP)

OS X: can only resize windows in the bottom right corner, finder could be better

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@phoenyx Really, what do you dislike about Finder?

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the finder has it’s limitations, and im pretty curious about snow leopard just for that, because they have rewritten the finder, and it’ll work a bit more solid.

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@iwamoto :: Apparently it was re-written in Cocoa but I am running it and it is about the same. The only difference I really see is Quicktime. Quiktime is totally different.

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They both directly and indirectly attack and malign open-source. Each wants to limit what you can do with their product and they simply want to make as much money off from you as they can. Their goal is not to make a great OS, it is to fill their wallets.

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@Ivan: I take it you like linux?

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It’s not enough for people to have their own opinions on which operating system they use. They all too often feel the need to have needless pissing contests over their choice of commercial consumption.

For people to take on an air of false superiority based only upon how they choose to spend their money, is complete folly.

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1) Defragging a PC is a pain it the north end of a south bound horse.
2) PC software installations and the manuals that come with them suck bilge water.

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Mac users are a bunch of pretentious nerds with delusions of grandeur, and as a PC user, I know it is my duty to fulfill the destiny of my dark overlord, Bill Gates, by buying his products and helping him to become the richest man in the entire free world. Oh Bill Gates, hallowed be thy name!

I hope people see the humor here, because like @The_Compassionate_Heretic, I think that to take on a feeling of false superiority by how you spend your money is silly.

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I’m not gonna get into this conversation. I’ve done this too many times.

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pc= pretty good comp
Apple = awesome fruit

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i have used macs but just got my own mac. my stolen laptop was dell, running vista. i’ve used xp, vista, and osX (running the current version of leopard right now). i prefer mac OS because it’s way easier to fix permissions than to defrag (even tho vista has a sort of contuinous background defrag thing going on, word to the unwary: don’t try to “do” a defrag in vista. just let it do its thing.) finder does have limitations, and i don’t find mac a snap to jump into. still, macs are: snazzier, better tech support, and virus-free. having a jailbroken iphone, i’m also partial to the iphone dev community.

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but when i took the facebook quiz “are you a mac or a pc” i was… a linux!

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pc has one definite advantage: a lot of software is written for it, and often its later for mac. for example, chrome browser. i love chrome. debating whether to put it on mac tho, as it just came out (actual google, not opensource chromium) and i hear it’s very beta. i was amazed and pleased that my iphone twitter client (tweetie) was out for mac (pc to come, i hear). that’s not been my experience typically. and chrome is unhackable, so it gives the mac advantage on pc in that respect.

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Both companies screw you over.

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@vincentt true, first they take out the firewire, then the reintroduce it and everybody cheers

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Sometimes I really dislike the way Apple does business, like how they are so quick to sue people, or how they are so strict with the AppStore, and how they make big announcements when they introduce already common features finally to their devices. I also think they poke fun at Microsoft way too much, some of their commercials barely advertise their own products. It’s just: joke about PC and then an Apple logo, the end.

That being said, I own devices from each company and I like their products regardless of how the business end acts.

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